Doe It For The Doe Lyrics

I don't wanna work
I just do it for the doe
Do it for the doe
Do it for the doe
I feel like a jerk
But I do it for the doe
Do it for the doe
Do it for the doe
We smoke to get high
Drink to get low, sleep so we dream
One day we gotta go
I do it for the doe
I do it for the doe

[Verse 1:]
Everyday I'm waking upI ain't even in a group but I'm breaking up
'Cause I'm still trying to get my paper up
But I feel like I don't make enough
I'm going through it, I'm a go up to my job waving gunfire
Or either stay home, and call out, sorta like an umpire
I'm sittin' at my desk feeling dumb tired
Supervisor talking down to me and I'm quiet
I really wanna put a wrench through
His neck and say "I don't respect you"
But my rent's due
So I smile like a good little boy
'Cause mad people in my hood ain't employed
Back in 1995, I said I'd be 95
Before I work a 'nine to five', drivin' down 95 but
That was when I idolized
These rappers and drug dealers, now I just gotta survive look!


[Verse 2]
"I don't wanna dance I just do it for the doe, "
That's what shorty said when I came to see the show
How we got to talking 'bout it? I don't really know
But she kept telling me, "I am not a ho, "
I ain't even care but I was bored, I said "Sooo
If I had a gee to pay you, you would tell me no
For a couple hours if we snuck out on the low? "
She said, "Do you have it? " I said "I think I'm a go."
She said, "Wait, the 2 kids I got at home
They get left alone, so I need a loan."
I'm staring at her body, her complexion and her tone
If God blessed this pretty child, she has a right to get her own
Took some footage on my phone
Of her flipping on the pole she was sniffing my cologne
When I paid her light bill just for brightening my day
When she asked me if I needed change
I said "We both do! "


[Verse 3]
I don't wanna sell, I just do it 'cause my cell
Phone, bill, it be getting high as hell
Hell, yeah I am scared to see a cell
But I don't wanna fail, I already live in jail
When I can't ball out or I can't set sail
On the coast somewhere, with the dolphins and the whales
And the blue seas, you'll see, I'm just making sales
Til the profit, got my pockets just popping
Tipping the scale I beenmoving grams hard, 'cause my grandma
Didn't get to see me live like a damn star
Can't God Make life easier, or at least make me wake up with amnesia?
So I could lose the memories of seeing those sniffy nose
Skinny, old fiends lookin' like the Thriller video
I would love to walk away, but I need money now and I don't wanna wait


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