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Momma always told me, take your pressure and record it
Maybe people will listen to your message through distortion
Going back to high school, the pain I can't ignore it
But now I made this Beat just to
Murder it, yeah call that shit abortion
I don't know why all these people always talking shit
The road less traveled, my whole life I've been walking it
So don't you try to stop if
If you ever seem to think I've lost my way
For the word of Christ my savior is
The only map I take, yeah God I pray

That these people would just open up their eyes
Stop TALKIN about trump for a minute, realize
Around the world its like we just turn a blind eye
As these women getting raped
Then we let their children die, as these mothers cry
And I can't lie, that truly I'm ashamed
That histories gonna remember that most of us never came
To help those that really needed us, you know it's evident
We just sat back, laughed, and complained about the president
13 mikes way

Lately all these rappers, all they talk about is xans and lean
Drinking till they're blurry in the face, no T O P
I'll never push that on my fans
I've seen people die from xans
Trust me love and success is the only drug you need

These artists that you hear pushing it, its all just a gimmick
They don't care if you live, die, or if you an get addiction
They use your affliction
They use it just to get into your wallet
Put these kids on the wrong path, a false prophet for profit

You couldn't shut me up I gave you many tries
Turned your greatest fear like I was pennywise
Come at me in any way, or any, anywise
I will beat you with the truth, never any lies
I will never cry, I will never quit
Even when I die, my legacy will exist
I will never really care for what you say
The only voice i bow to is the God I pray
I will never stray

Wish we could turn back time, back to the good old days
Wish we could turn back time, when momma used to say
It's the things that kill ya, that make you feel alive

Man you know
It's hard having all these people say that they believe in you
Just to have them come and go fast like you know the seasons do
It sucks most when you never gave them a reason too
Like I get it people change, but remember we are people too

And it just seems like lately my own fans do deceive me
When I'm at the top yeah they love me, but then once I'm defeated
How come when I need you most, it seems like you leave me
You know this shits deeper than just like and retweeting

Don't you get it man, y'all are really like all I have
My whole life, people looked at me and f**kin laughed
Yeah I'm being honest, that's why it hurts so bad
When people come into my life just to leave, it's all I've ever had

So Listen up my fans, please just have my back
I'm so used to people always sticking knives in that
I cannot combat
I cannot come back
Unless you promise that
You won't leave me alone
Cuz lonelies all Ive ever had

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Songwriter(s): Seth Bishop
Record Label(s): 2017 Seth Bishop
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