Crazy Funky Junky Hat Lyrics

What's That?
A Hat!
A Crazy Funky Junky Hat!

Hair's Unsightly!
Trying to Look Like Keira Knightly
We've Been There!
We've Done That!
We See Right Through Your Funky Hat!

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Meaning to "Crazy Funky Junky Hat" song lyrics (46 meanings)
Selena Gomez October 15, 2011-23:33

OK hey guys its me plz stop hating i am dating him and i love it so stop hating all on my plz I luv U JUSTIN!!!
shaaistaahy July 10, 2012-7:13

Y r u guys hating selena +jb:(not like u know em personally!!? Is that really u selena I luv u u rock my world big time I luv ur songs + music mwah;):)rock our world girl;)
scarlett June 6, 2012-10:43

ppl who say selena and this song are stupid shut up you guys wldnt no how amazing sel is if it hit you in the face and for boys you woldnt no it if it kicked you in the balls while wearing heels so ha
turbo September 6, 2011-23:49

All girls on here shut the helll up ashly learn how to spell hater and Sellena Gomez wit da heart in front JB would not be gay if he banged his sis he's just messed in the brain turbo out
k July 18, 2011-6:55

fuk off let her stay with him hes alright but if he hurts u ill curese him cuz u are the thunder and im the lighting lv all ur songs reallty in luv withem m and u
ahjada July 16, 2011-21:23

selena omez rocks ok.she will always rock the house.stop hatin those off you who are.your just mad your not famus . what if she reads this and she talks bad about you on tv and everybody sees huh.haha
♥Selena Gomez July 14, 2011-15:59

Ashley you need to shut up if you dont like someone then shut your pieholes.Ashly your right. Oh and by the way Ashley and Hate Fan Justin Bieber is gay and had sex with his sister.
ashley July 5, 2011-23:54

asley number 2,u need to shut up.and HATE FAN,i am with u because i hate selena gomez and i love justin bieber.
ashly April 14, 2011-9:42

hi if any of yall say yall hate selene i swear yall some hatres yes yall is and little gurl just because she went out with justin you hatin please just fall back who hates any more nobody okay bye.
trinity March 20, 2011-17:54

whoever is saying selena gomez is stupid, yall are stupid if i see another comment about selena that is mean i will KILL YALL!TEXT ME SELENA!BYE!
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