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Take one fist, and place it on your heart like this. See the greatest weapon that any revolutionary could posses, is love, yes love my friend. A love that will fight to the end, a REVOLUTIONARY LOVE, so let the battle begin.


Revolutionary Love,

Revolutionary Lover.

Revolutionary Love,

Revolutionary Lover.


Have you ever took a moment just to think and wonder,

What it’d be like if we could all live for peace and one love?

Been reflecting so much now that I’m getting older,

Wish I could love like a child and never ever grow up.

Sometimes I fall asleep at night and dream about love,

Envisioning a 1st Corinthians 13 kind of love,

I hear so many people try to sing about love,

But do they know the definition and true meaning bout love?

Not your typical hypocritical superficial love,

But a spiritual metaphysical unconditional love.

An actual, unmatchable, supernatural love

So fanatical it has to be labeled radical love?

To not judge, or hold a grudge, no matter what, and just because,

A real love’s never enough until its loving too much

There’s so many sick of seeing fake illusionary stuff,

So we’re introducing to you the various Revolutionary Loves


Revolutionary Love,

Revolutionary Lover Lover Lover.

Your my Revolutionary Love,


Revolutionary Lover Lover Lover,

Your my Revolutionary Love.


Last time I heard this very word placed the earth on the ground,

It aint money but love that makes the world go round

You’ll lose direction trying to buy what shouldn’t cost you a dime,

I pray affection be your guide back to the love lost and found.

Some feel the way to power is to rule by the sword,

But it’s the ammunition of love that truly wins a war.

Marching to the front line we know that love conquers all,

So we’ll serenade our enemies till the victory is ours.

As a last result we’ll signal to the God above,

To drop a heavenly nuclear atomic bomb of love.

On the darkness of nights the only light is love,

No evil could ever defeat the flame of a righteous love.

I’m a lover and a fighter so I fight for love,

But only the bravest of soldiers will sacrifice they’re life for love.

Ask any thug, terrorists, freedom fighter, or fallen troop,

Cause its true, even revolutionaries need love too.



I once read a love story written in a ancient text,

About a man who was obsessed with loving the loveless.

Born to extreme poverty with no place to rest,

Was broke but eternally blessed cause he loved to the full extent.

Compelled by the compassion of a hopeful romantic,

He dedicated his life to set for love a new standard.

Managed to gather thousands just to hear his commandments,

But not even his closest of companions could understand Him.

He spoke of REVOLUTION, LOVE was His religion,

People wanted to make Him kind but His crown was a crucifixion.

Preachers and politicians, plotted against Him to kill Him

Innocent and defenseless He let ‘em just to forgive them,

Aint no greater love than to lay down your life for a friend,

So for the sake of the human race that’s exactly what He did

And to this day no name has ever claimed to love like this

If that aint revolutionary then I don’t know what… is!


1 2, tell me what you gon’ do

When a Revolutionary Love comes for you (rp1)

(Authored by Sekajipo Genes)

COPYRIGHT © 2009 WalkonWater Recordings, LLC

All Rights Reserved

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