Hard Times Lyrics

“HARD TIMES” feat Souljourner

Verse 1:

“If you saw me sitting on the side of the road looking needy,

Would you care enough to pull over or pretend like you Ain’t see me?

I may be poor but I’m not invisible though some treat me,

As if just cause I live on the streets I’m less than a human being.

But this life is far from easy I wish someone could believe me,

I don’t wanna beg for change but for days I haven’t eaten.

I got bills I can’t pay, and a family I Ain’t feeding,

Talking about hard times you don’t even know the meaning.

With the burdens of poverty and depression on our shoulders,

Ask the millions unemployed, the recession aint over.

How is it in America a high ranking soldier,

Can go from fighting a war to fighting to stay sober?

Couldn’t believe reading a story about some people who are so rich,

They’ll spend thousands of dollars on designer made clothes,

Just to dress like they’re broke, cause the new fade is to look homeless.

But to the homeless it makes no since,

When your going through hard times.”


Hard times we will make it through

The hard times ill be there for you

Hard times endure through the night

The Hard Times bring joy in the morning light

When hard times is all you ever see

Don’t cry you can call on me

The Hard Times ill be there for you

Hard Times we will make it through

Verse 2:

“I’m just another dedicated to the struggle,

Tryna make my father proud and put a smile on my mother.

This for all the youngsters serving bids like my lil brother,

Growing up behind bars trying hard not to suffer.

At times I tend to blame myself for now being a better sibling,

But we all responsible for making right from wrong decisions.

Still I let him know I miss him and as long as he in prison,

Its as if apart of me will always be locked in the system.

Victims of modern day mental slavery, we ain’t well,

Prisoners of the mind doing time in their brain cells.

They say crime never pays, but I sure cant tell,

When your forced to be confined by multimillion dollar made jails.

Overwhelmed by the seriousness of the situation,

They spend more tax dollars on incarceration than education.

And you wonder why they say there’s no hope for the future

When these are the obstacles that they’re facing,

Tryna make it through hard times.”


Verse 3:

“Can somebody please tell me what’s wrong with this equation?

Theres a church on every corner but the streets still aint changing.

Now I aint saying we should not believe in saving graces.

See what the people need is a theology of liberation.

My apologies if my statements get misunderstood,

But whats the point of our salvation if it don’t benefit the hood?

Preaching from a pulpit as if a sermon is enough,

Can’t be too heavenly minded to do some earthly good.

They say faith without works is dead.

You wanna make the gospel real? Read the words in RED.

Even the Lord made sure that those who followed were fed,

Yet we take it for granted everytime we swallow some bread.

Heavy hearted as I, bow my head and try and pray to the clouds,

I’m interrupted by a child who embraces me with a smile,

so What’s point in walking around with your face hanging down?

Betta keep your head up, cause heaven aint on the ground,

Through hard times.

(Outro Chorus)

Hard Times yea when you lonely,

you know you can call on me (4x)

(Authored by Sekajipo Genes)

COPYRIGHT © 2009 WalkonWater Recordings, LLC

All Rights Reserved

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