Words Lyrics (ft. Bard)

Artist: Saurus and Bones ft. Bard
Album: Mind Like Mine
Song: Words
Typed by: Kevin Leaser

You should be scared of this, I need a therapist
I got a narrative and half a bar would tear your shit
So don’t try flexing kid, you’d need a Remington
To touch this specialist because I’m highly venomous
The menacing embellishing mad deafening epiphany
Since infancy envisioning soliloquies intricately
Facilities are built to house my styles and similes
A genius seen before the pregnancy and birth of me
Now how can this be, I’m something to see
Composing symphonies while you were learning to read
Flip shit like turbulence, control your nervousness
I’m thirsty bitch and once I start to shine it’s permanent

Amoxicillin and drugs is what you need just to survive
While I’m the king and it’s funny punching you Dougs in the eyes
Opposite of you f**kers, no competition among us
You’re arthritic and wonder how I keep fingers so muscled
My charisma’s humongous, your confidence, it just plummets
Man I can rip a guy to bits so I consider you nothing
You’re half of jack shit like a miniature pumpkin
I know you know I know best, that’s how I ridicule mothers
I don’t listen, Sonic’s pissed cause I keep hitting with Knuckles
Damn I can lift the collagen up out your skin by just touching
King of the jungle, I seek to keep the lions all hiding
Get in a tussle with me to flee, you’re dying to try it

I bury you in a urinal, all they find is a URL
When you die they can view it all on diary funeral journal
You were burned to a blueish-purple fume of a person
With lighter fluid while I was riding a bicycle, stupid
Usually I have a beautiful stomach craving
For bashing his f**king face in with a bag, plastic suffocation
Damaged muffler, brakes, and steering wheel
Reveal the fear of my car peeling over you, screaming like a seal being
When Missil on a song, spectacular, mythological
Get back from ‘em, killers of the Gods
Hit the ground summit adjacent to the sound of trumpets
With my power function, your face gets pounded the f**k in

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Record Label(s): 2009 Saurus and Bones LLC

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