Do It Again Lyrics

No diggity, Bronx style yeah, yeah

1- In the daytime, on the late night
In the morning, on the wake-up
In the daytime, on the late night
In the morning, on the wake-up
In the daytime, on the late night
In the morning, on the wake-up

[Verse 1]
Mere words can't describe the great X
Is it the shoes or the fantastic
That got cha' callin' out to ya girlfriend
Boo banged who last night
Made the man leave baby
Forget about Stanley
For real I came charged off the Staten Isle
I'm like three or four down twisted
Givin' away smoke
Sweatin' takin' off my coat
Money walked by all fly and dropped my drink on my leather
And now my shit is f**ked up
And now I gotta do with dollar bill I see potential
And I got a eye for spottin' kind of like Spike
Miss Chocolate, Miss Brown, Miss Black
Miss Long Legs, hey I'm ready to wrap
Can't do that
A vision of the deep, dark soul of home
And claimin' niggas with dro
Hey watch the honey roll, check it
Surround sound hides ya crass
Tell ya neighbor lies
No that wasn't me that was my cousin
Hey you're a school girl
But hey you're in a different world
You're a fly chick
Now ya wanna learn a different trick

[Hook: with 1 repeated in background]
Now can I do it again, do it again
Steady do it again, do it again
And then ya do it again, do it again
Steady do it again, do it again
And then ya do it again, do it again

[Verse 2]
Life is slim put me on to a game
Had a lot of style in that last profile
Got her nails filed and her hair done weekly
A real name thrower, y'all niggas know her
Talkin' about garbles comin' out in ten
Drinkin' goblets of gin and ain't givin' up trim
Tease a nigga, make em' wanna squeeze a trigger
They say a woman's best is diamonds and a man is a dog
Better come in from that fog that you swimming in
Brown skin, laid out in bed is real feminine
I'll put that R. Kelly on ya
Fingers have some smelly on ya
The boy's dry humps are now man pumps
Can he go deeper than the explorer
120th street horror
Let's get naked by the laptop
Can I snap and pop
You can squeeze and then stop and be all up in that piece
I'm the late night window climber, you are the rhymer
Ya mom thought you heard you wouldn't be f**kin' in the house
Not you momma's sweetheart, undercover freak-heart
Imagine if she would've seen us intertwined and pretzel style
Legs and arms, hummin' with the radiator clickin'
Our soft patience quickin'
I couldn't slow the pace
I bust off three nuts and man the sun's in my face

[Hook: with 1 in background]

[Verse 3]
I'm turnin' around handlin' things and then BAM!
A toss of that ass hit me like out of nowhere
And hey like a flashback honey
There was a one should slipped off since day one
Check it out, now can I do it again
Sure I can do it again
You're on some friction, bring along ya friend
See how the world turns
Look beyond the floor burns
At least I have concerns
I didn't take it like a chicken
I love ya sexually plus intellectually

[Hook: with 1 in background]

[Various ad-libs to fade]

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Songwriter(s): Mark Richardson, Walter Carl Becker, Donald Jay Fagen, Michael Joe Jackson
Publisher(s): Mijac Music, American Broadcasting Music Inc., Red Giant Inc., Old Nigga Spirituals
Record Label(s): 1996 Loud
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