The Interview Lyrics

[DJ & (Regina) talking]
Yeah, yeah, yeah got a couple interviews to do today
(Yeah, uh we gotta interview with uh the Wild Cowboys, Sadat X)
Yeah, I think the first one is with...
(Are you ready sir?)
Yo, so let's go knock these down so we can be up outta here
(OK, I think I'll start)
She gon' start, how you doin' sweetie

[Regina Hall]
Sadat X (Yeah), speak to your fans
Tell us what's in your future and what's in your plans

[Sadat X]
I done made up some more shit that I'm sure will hit
It's been a long time comin' and I'm sure that I'm due
I'm tryin' to keep this thing milk, for those dressed in silk
And satisfy the fiends who be dressed in jeans

[Regina Hall]
Sadat X, would you say that you're the hardest working rapper?
Tell us some of the places you've been

[Sadat X]
Honey I've been around the world and to African shores
Piccadilly Square and to Tokyo stores
Heard the roars of the German applause and shook the floors
Then went to Denmark with my main man Spark

[Regina Hall]
Sadat X, what's this thing you started called the Cowboys?

[Sadat X]
These are just my Wild Boys, my man from the BX
Most of y'all call me Sadat but over there they call me DX
Bronx desperados shake ya up, make you a flunky
Put ya Jones in the back of you ya hip-hop monkey

[Regina Hall]
Can you explain the incident in the O.K. Corral

[Sadat X]
I was at the bar coolin' out, drinkin' the daiquiri
There's a mirror ahead so I see the kid in back of me
Frontin' over an old beef
Lookin' screwed and sucked teed
And for what
I'm just tryin' to live and get my cut

[Regina Hall]
Can I ask you all the question?

[Sadat X]
Honey I'll tell you no lies

[Regina Hall]
What make Sadat tick?

[Sadat X]
I'll tell ya but it's a surprise

[Regina Hall]
Can I ask you all the question?

[Sadat X]
Honey I'll tell you no lies

[Regina Hall]
What make Sadat tick?

[Sadat X]
Yo, a word from the wise

[Regina Hall (Sadat X)]
OK we're gonna move on to uh...(Yeah, yeah let's move on)
(I'm feelin', I'm feelin' good with this) Are you ready?
(Oh, no diggity) Part two of our interview leads to the music
What makes you choose it and do you abuse it?

[Sadat X]
I see moves ahead by three days, I have no Vettibeni
I have no Luciano, just a drum and a piano
There can't be no frontin' in these New York badlands
Where kids walk around with the mic in they hand

[Regina Hall]
OK Sadat, you got a little off the subject
Keep it on the music, concentrate on the beats

[Sadat X]
Hey, well war brought this over from the Brooklyn streets
Evil D said to me can I spree on it
It's my job to be on it
Every day and all times...
Whoever handlin' dimes and rhymes
You know how we do in the middle of the living room
Light up then boom then my hands will write a notebook
You can pick up my quote book at the nearest Barnes & Noble
Not conversated with pay but I'll still save the day

[Regina Hall]
Can I ask you all the question?

[Sadat X]
Honey I'll tell you no lies

[Regina Hall]
What make Sadat tick?

[Sadat X]
Yo, take this word from the wise

[Regina Hall]
OK Sadat X what's in the future for your people?
Next year can we expect Wild Cowboys the sequel?

[Sadat X]
Oh no doubt but now's the time I'm talkin' about
Cool Chuck, Tec and my man Shawn Bliggity
Also known as Black, we'll lead by example
On my butter there's a sample
Say word if I'm absurd

[Regina Hall]
Any parting words Sadat?

[Sadat X]
Just that I'll blow up the spot
And keep shit hot
And hit the bank before three
I'll take a check but cash is preferred
I'll leave ya mind slurred and blurred
Check it out

[Regina Hall]
Well that concludes our interview with the Wild Cowboys
Sadat X (Yeah) Shawn Bliggity (Yeah) Chuck and Tec (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Thank you early bird (Yeah) and uh Mark the Spark
And can I give a special thanks to uh to the Beatminers
Who collaborated on this project (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Thank you fellas (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Wild Cowboys
(Yeah, yeah, yeah) Ha ha (Ya know how we do, Wild Cowboys)

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Songwriter(s): Walt Dewgarde Jr, Murphy, Ewart Dewgarde
Publisher(s): Shades Of Brooklyn
Record Label(s): 1996 Loud
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