Give A Jew Some Gold Lyrics

This next song is by somebody, calls himself Sol-Soldier Boy tell em?
I don't really understand this kind of music
Everybody dancing suddenly is having sex on the dance floor?

Hey man, I don't really get Jews
Always tryin'a jip you
Only kind of Jew I know is one, and that's a rich Jew
Always tryin'a rip you
I never miss a frisk
That's when they get together and cut off a baby's dong
I just think it's wrong
He'll need it later on (Later on)
Just give a jew some gold
Even just to hold
He'll probably get it sold (Get it sold)

[Verse 1:]
They be, always be conspiring
Even Barbara Streisand
They do 9-11?
They got so much money
I just wonder why
They killed the son of God
Nailed him to a cross cause he wouldn't be a doctor, lawyer
Married him a boy, or
Now every time you see a Jew, he'll do you taxes for ya
I missed the Bar Mitzvah, it made me feel so guilty that I
"You didn't come to my Bar Mitzvah, what did I ever do to you? "


[Verse 2:]
They be, always be complaining
All about they problems
Everything they got ain't enough, they want more of it
Always gettin money, takin it and double it
They got damn country, probably made of money
They own all the banks and the media
Now every time I see them, they eatin on Chinese food
I hate 'em, they Pagan
They won't even eat bacon
"It's much too expensive, and besides it gives me gas"


"Hello, this is K-Mart, how can I help you? "
"Hello, this is Seymour Shwartz, who are you?
"Yeah, John it was you, I bought your air conditioner yesterday-
It won't start, I already took two sips of (?) so I can't drive back over there-
I'm shmitzen like a shmotz over here, how do you suppose I get my air conditioner-
Working, after I bought it from you and sugar nuts over there, you wouldn't-
Accept my coupons."
"Sir, we don't sell air conditioners, it's March"


So this is hippy-hop?
Not bad, back in my day the hippies played a whole different kind of music
It was much more peaceful, they didn't shoot eachother or call eachother names or anything
A lot of them did drugs, most of them were anti-semitic

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