Street Thang. Lyrics


The realest thing i wonna do is to talk about my street thang and what life thought me so far. I wonder why a player try to make it and some bull-shit haters go round talking shit, tryina envy..

(Dog's vioce).. Rowstores, Come on.. Come on..

In da begining waz the game
and now played to RoW!
Wonna make this for ma hummies
just a drible from the zone
Am ma present these rythms
with some bunches of rose
to make the bitches get fricky
and a turn down on foes.
am a young black gold
with some brand new flows
Raised from the getto
where the niggrs makes doe
row'ling with my home boyz
on da streetz we slang the dopes
and when the night comes,
we're still out to rock the shows
I maintained ma composure
Plus, i gat da streetz orientation
about these streetlife,
Niggar tell me no shit
I heared it,i joined it,
I did it and i've done it
i make a million deals
and my pay came real!
Mama told me ''Go to school''
But this streetlife's cool
houstling everyday
Just to make the way through
and if it takes to houstle
just for a nickel and a dime
then am ma fully set coz its- the -life-that- i -live

I've- been- to- East- and -west
tryin'a hook some fantacies
(niggr what!)
and- my thang -lives- in me
Haters- wonna -see -what -a -niggr- gon -be.
And- i -know- what- would- be- will -be.


Life on the street
is like living in hell!
i bet its what you see
its more than words can tell.
Everyday a niggar crying,
Dear Lord you understand me.
I need to make these papers
so to put a shame on haters
Coz every little thing you do,
they wait to see a fall of you.
a niggar get some fantasy
they build a heart of jealousy
wake up in da morning
try to make some tea and chew some bread
Inspired by a stick of weed
to blast this shit in m.i.c
whats fun when a houstler wount sleep all night,
tryin to get money, cars, jewls and popularity!
Made a sucessful deal,
then the cops blow seringe on ya
they start to put the curfs on ya
and proving what the law gon do
Baby girl dont cry, coz its all about the paper bail
Life of a gangstar is based on tricking and scaming
busting and baining! tryina live a life on the edge
am so proud of my personalty
the street life is the life i live.


rap 3.

Western Africa!, Western Ni-ge-ria,
shag town niggars dont get to break down
thought at first we gon crush
but we still rock the top.
now am somehting like a star
and u can see me up the sky.
am da vagaborn you saw then
romming on the street
when life was just like hell
try'na stand on top my feet.
i kept my thang by me
praying to sign a record deal
so u gat to sit back,
and watch me live my street life
I've done ma project A'
ready to set on project B'
haters you cross, you gon see!
and your grave will be the D'
coz the west coast niggars
dont -give -no -shit
gon pull a trigger back
at all ye foes and player haters
even if i make more cheerders
and my rep's geting higher
gat the hunderds on table
and 50's on floor,
am ma remain the same niggar
bringing you peace with the AK lever
so you better lay down,
coz am ma kick your ass dowm!.

chorus 2.ce

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