Everyday As A Gangsta Lyrics

EveryDay As A Gangsta Lyrics.
RoWsTorEs Ft. Sticker Dogg....
The doggs am back!(laugh)
its a brand new dope one right here(uh!)
rowstores put me on this one (yeah)
i put my hands on trigger (trust me)
snitch we'll blow ur scull, coz its been a long time we've been consisering ur sister fellony. Ya know who did this??
ROWSTORES exclusive!!!.

We live Everyday as a Gangsta.
We Keep Houseling, Gamgbling, Tricking and Scamming,
We do everything as a Gangsta...
We keep clubing, fricking , smocking and drinking
Am proud to be living as a Gangsta
Coz the streetz made me rowstores and i made it on the streetz ,
Am ma forever live as a gangsta..
cooking these lyrics for the niggars and the winks for the shawtys.

Rap 1. (row)

Everyday on the streetz,
its houstling and scamming,
get this lil ' money
then its meant for the clubing.
All these niggrs wonna fall in
coz them see em' dolls flowing
and if you'll make it rain,
i bet they wouldn't need a shade.
Rowstores is a niggar
walking on streetz with fing'rs on trigger
get this don with sticker dogg
with some niggrs on board
First talk in tour
Haters thought we gon crush
but we gat our focus on
and now we rock the top.
Am out for the grammys
rock and stumble for the mon'y
pussy if you arn't gat no penny,
better get intouch with ur grannys
i made this for my hommies
pushing on evr'ydays strugling
seling dopes and crac (meeeen)
da street thang arin't funny
first of all,
we were just insane with no shame,
all thanks to God.
Niggrs now walk with gold chains
we live in big crib
(right now) we ride on big rimes
Got expensive touch
and all em bitches bring wishes.. haha


Rap 2 (sticker D)

Am hot, am tough,
I'm physically spuncky.
Im a thug, but am rich
niggars wonna be me.
I don't give it up
still blow my chest up
when i was a teenager,
they call me lil' young DON
cos i can do anything
anytime i feel like
smock up some weed
maybe i can get high
coz red eyes is what we pay for
we houstle, rumble,still strugle
only friday night, we razzele
stop snitching (niggaz)
we'll blow your mind coz
we arn't gat mercy
for all ya muderf**kers
i waz raised up from the project,
grown up to be a gangstar
get connected, living large like a mafia
Don't be so stupid if i call you a wankstar
cos am the main reason why you can't sleep
in your crib last night, ask me why
Gangstar thang make me be that
beleive me its ur boy STICKER!!!
Rowstores banging da dogg is chronic.


Rap 3 ( row & sticker)

Keep the houstling going, No stoping Niggar.
Get those Jobs done, No Essitation.
You can be the next DON to rule the next world
No matter who you are, Where your from, Or what you do.
I pull a trigger back at these haters and foes
Winks for the Shawtys , W**d for my niggars
Rock clubs and shows, pour da drinks with my fellas
Rowstores on stage, hippy,hippy sticker D.

Don't give Up, Keep moving Dogg
I' arn't gon stop untill i get enough
If you dont make it today.,hows tomorrow gon be like.,
As a young getto boy, need to survive ontime
everyother day in the hood, we playing cards, trew dice,
tryina get these dough
Money makes the world go round , you know !
use what a f**k God gave you to get a f**k you need now!!!

Chorus x2

I know you love to hear (please dont discriminate this)
coz my flows, my rymes will surely knock you out
you know what!? da realest niggar, AK pumping.
I'll take you to the world of Rowstores, Sticker doggs,
have no fear babe. Am a gangstar you hear!!!??

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