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Staring At Me
Roosh Williams


Staring At Me Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Sit neutral dont pick sides I moderate
But dishonor is something we
Dont tolerate
I'm not a shooter im not a killer im just a human
Spilling my guts up on the record and keeping it moving
You can keep what you doin, Rizzle an eagle in flight
Know if you talking that bullshit Ima see you tonight
Mama been feeding me right, Pop was like Cus D'Amato
Scar on my lip cuz a p*ssy bitch had to bust with a bottle
You don't know me so let the charade go homie
A new mogul?
You boost mobile you so phony
Passion is a prerequisite for hard work
'fore I sold my soul to the devil I'd prolly starve first
Hop into the Honda I'm hopin the f*ckin car works
I just want my drink I don't need this bitch at the bar to flirt
Shovel in my palm like a gravedigger
When it's all said and done they say he a brave figure

And I dont really know whatcha over there thankin, but you should
Prolly roll something up and keep drankin
Cuz I dont like you staring at me, like we already cool
I'm just tryna get high tonight
Please dont kill my vibe tonight
And I dont really know what you over there thinkin, but you should
Prolly roll something up and keep drankin
Cuz I'm just tryna get high tonight

[Verse 2]

Listen who you think you f*cking with kid you got the wrong dude
I'm not him iight slim so watch what you do
You ain't getting a word up outta me unless you got my check unless you got my respect
And I dont bang bang I dont pop no techs
But I got two fists and I will rock your shit
So f*ck around and throw a glass hook
We all know that yo ass shook
Come up out the crib and get yo ass whooped
My body scarred but immaculate still
I put these assholes to work like a factory mill
When I hearem talking bout me it just flatters me
If you really got a problem homie then come after me
Pistol knife axe chains bitch come shackle me
Rapper talking down then it's blasphemy no he dont get a pass from me
Nice guy goodfella whatever
Talk that sweet shit I'ma send you to the shredder it's, Roo


[Verse 3]

Lesson learned cuz I been there, done that
Got the baton caught the punt had it run back
If I had a dollar for these stranger on my nutsack
Maybe I would be rich, maybe I'd be the shit
But, motherf*ck it Ima still whip a V6
And pull up at the stop light bumpin out to 3-6
Hop out with my homies so you can suck 3 dicks
And that's a predicament that I pre-dict
Oh, I know a snake when I see the motherf*cker
Bullets tend to find the greedy motherf*ckers
I don't know if I'm close to the coffin
But if he cross me you can off him
No nonsense otherwise it ain't no progress
And my observation serving as adequate confirmation
Type of mof*cka that deadbolt with the top lock
Cuz you know how it goes when the cops knock doble

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Record Label(s): 2015 Pairadime Music (PDMG)
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