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Rdouble Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Look, I give her anything she want bro
My team getting t'd up cuz we taunt hoes
I don't deal with no petty shit
I'd rather put my efforts toward tryna go and get a Bentley whip
Yall mof*ckas talk a lot cuz you dont do
Meanwhile I'm doing the shit that you want to
Lately it seeming that Rdouble been with all kinda hoes
Pumping gas at Conoco ten toes in my zapatos
Extendos we smoke those
Getting fame but I'm broke though
Like I'm blowing rings I'd rather switch those and get more 0s
From the city where you know they still tippin on 4-4s
Your girl in my DMs. I thought that this ho was chose
Rdouble not singular, in 8th grade I fingered her
Now this ho got that flame for Roo and Im gonna extinguish her

Ay, I'm back up in this mane
In the kitchen with yo bitch washing my dishes mane
Let me be blunt with yall, you know I dont stunt at all
But Rdouble is up in this mutha f*cka and I'm busting off
Ay, I'm back up in this mane
In the kitchen with yo bitch washing my dishes mane
And she saying R Double, R Double

[Verse 2]
I got a chip on my shoulder walk with a purpose dog
It's Mr Willigan in this bitch til the curtain call
So if you got your mind right we can grind tight
2020 vision and I ain't looking in hindsight
Naw, we drinking top of the line
Pursuing greatness is the topic in mind
I'm dropping a dime and when I got the rock I feel like Pac in his prime
Barack at the inauguration making prophets of time
So f*ck them other dudes they under Roo
I got they girl under the cover too
I gotta pick up an ounce on the southside then I'm gonna dive in the p*ssy like a dunkaroo
D O B L E, there ain't shit hoes, can tell me
If you have a, budget and need a verse then, email me
Pairadime balling out, got work in the morning but I'm calling out
f*cking her in the morning what I'm all about
Then I gotta wake up and take that bitch to Wafflehouse thats double
I'm so high that's Hubble
Mama said child be humble
I'm deep-fried 9 lives said that 5 kinds bring it back 1 time for the struggle Double


[Verse 1]

I found a sample and Blev flipped it like pancakes
Drinking mimosas with breakfast so how the cham taste
I need a woman that love to cook and she can bak
Roll a rillo and get the pistol outta the damn safe
We in living color kinda like a Wayans brother
Weed supply never low mane no Asian supper
Promoter sweating at the door he hope he making cover
And I'm just laughing to the bank because I'm making double
Southside of the map I reside outside of the trap
I seen that booty jiggle bounce slide bounce slide and get tapped
Double, so nice// every Persian dish I eat got mo rice
Get up on the beat spit it unforgivable I'm wit Bo-vice
She on sight, try ya luck and get no dice
I'm posted baby might light it up and sip cold ice
Get high as f*ck it ain't no fights d-oble// she asked for chorizo at chipotle
Goddamn girl I love ya but you crazy baby ain't no way

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Record Label(s): 2015 Pairadime Music (PDMG)
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