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It's A Beautiful Thing
Roosh Williams


It's A Beautiful Thing Lyrics (feat. Action Bronson)

[Verse 1: Roosh Williams]
Realest muthaf*cker in the building at the moment
Kids are parking lot pimpin' but their whips are getting stolen
If you reap it then you sow it, plant the seed you gotta grow it
Bite the hand that writes the checks and guarantee you will get broke-en
Catch me on my grizzy ridin all throughout the city
Smoke is heavy in my lungs I feel the pressure bout to hit me
Shit it's a beautiful struggle, but you move in the rubble
And over time you learn exactly what to do in the huddle,
From losing a couple of people relevant to my raising
To taking a gut full of punches and f*cking hitting the pavement
I'm growin' accustomed to madness, fallin' in love with the Mayhem
Go season the baby back ribs, stick em in the oven and bake em
I'm eatin' good tonight, ain't got no dilemmas
Gon' text one of my ex's and get some V for Vendetta
Sippin' champagne with my dinner, fill the campaign with some winners
Roosh and Bronsolini fresher than the landscape out these pictures
Mother f*cker

[Hook: Roosh Williams]
Hand up out the window, screamin death to chivalry
Smokin' on a sweet, what a beautiful delivery
Swangin' two seaters while I'm drankin' 2 liters
Rockin' Nike sneakers finna scoop the new Adidas
Baby you act like you've seen us, and shit you probably have
Backhand them like Venus, put that beat in body bags, playa
And at the end of the day
I kick my feet up on the table it's a beautiful thing

[Verse 2: Action Bronson]

Everyday you can catch me in Queens baby it's nothing
Money discussion, cigars lit...
Gold ?? sittin' on the floor like a bum, nap time
The blanky was a black nine
Dove off the top of the yacht liner
Perfect 10 from the Judge from China
Sweatpants, one leg up, St. John's jersey
Artest, I'm an ar-tiste
See me bettin' on the dogs down in Palm Beach
With any amount of paper in my arms reach
I am that mother f*cker, that's what the cards read
Smoke 100 percent, you smokin' yard weed
Now I jump in the beemer like Jimmy Schnook
I'm a crook, never play by the book, you can tell by my look
Damn it's been a short time comin'
But you can find me on the coast drinkin' port wine cousin


[Verse 3: Roosh Williams]
I leave the crib to the J-O
Hat tipped, eyes stay low, Williams on the pay roll, lady
She said her name but I don't ask what she came fo'
I'm just tryina take her to the places that she can't go. Head
Covered in Kangol, swangin' the Civic, pimpin
I promise I'm on a mission, preparing a master plan
And when it comes to fruition, I bet you idiots listen
I guess it's just all contingent on what they get out the man
But dog I'm keepin' the lettuce lit, divin' in to the wettest chick
Without no scuba yeah, sign the check with the feather tip
Make it look effortless, dust away all the evidence
Ever since adolescence I've had a magical presence, bitch
So lemme just rip this shit, run up on anybody
Deuces chucked and funky salutations to my Kimosabe
I'm breathin' breath, livin life up in the eagles nest
Keepin' it movin' just workin waitin to see what's next


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Record Label(s): 2013 Space City Records SoSouth
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