Let It Out Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Every day is like a struggle
But I am a baller I stand taller
I rise above the bull shit
I'm not a brawler I give them inspiration
You don't have to be a relation
I've got street FAM
We are from the street man
Keeping it discreet and humble
If you're speaking speak up clear and don't mumble
It don't stop there's always a ruff and tumble
Sale in the jumble girls turn gullible
Once you bring the trust you'll be gone on the travels
I know that I'm a wrong en so I'm gone on my travels
I'll be stacking doe like beer in barrels
Fortunate for me I'm not short of a penny
I'm a crafter a master I'm famous like Lenny Henry
Let me a twenty so I can go and get a Henry
The weed keeps me calm I've got a good memory
You won't get to me by looking through the eyes of wifey

[Verse 2:]
I can see you staring and watching what I'm wearing
Told you I'm a Dan but you just won't hearing
Only now you caring now you hear me tearing
Thought I was a bum when u saw me run bearing
I'm a little wiser I'm a little older
Got a warm heart but a little bit colder
And I aint got look over my shoulder
I'll fight this battle as a roll deep soldier
Look now who dear's wins and hands down I don't feel bad tings
But now I got put it all behind me stay away from trouble because
People want to sign me
I'm done running them up strut my weight around but I've come unstuck
I aint spending what i got to go abrupt
Looking for a contract not a few bucks

[Chorus: x2]
If it's trapped in your body let it out
And if it stays in your mind let it out
I see the road to success I'm getting out of here
If your patient we can all get out of here

[Verse 3:]
You're mistaking me for another Breh momentarily
Thinking I'm scared I'm aware breaking and thuggin at me
And he better hope he don't get a boxing
His watching me like a TV screen and I clocked him
Frequently on the block still creeping me
And today is the day that he sees that I mean what I speak
Stay away when you see me you aint ready for beef
I got rude boys in the street
That are ready to eat you
I can see through fouls like double glaze windows
Because you don't want to get involved
And get broken in two
You folde under pressure I'm known to bring results
And I know you wouldn't want it from you know who
You want see me running from nothing
Unless the sirens are buzzing
I'll still be running on my zoot like..
Because I'm focused in doing my thing when i move
And right now I got nothing to loss

[Verse 4:]
I'm not glad that you can keep him
I'm glad that cheating was a bit
Better than weeking I had a few sleaving (a few)
But there's a reason for everything and then
I'm a remember this
I gave you the doubt of the benefit
You was nether fit wifey never it
You weren't on the side
(You was in a bliss)
So lets just (call it quits where foolishness)
Talking shit and that won't make it (no it won't)
I wont take it you don't think I'm a prick
So (Oi Wiley Wiley) think liking your shit
But you tried play it try think in a bit stop thinking dick
And I don't mean your my chick because I don't eat clit
And I eat your chips when you think what beat this is

[Chorus: x2]
If it's trapped in your body let it out
And if it stays in your mind let it out
I see the road to success I'm getting out of here
If your patient we can all get out of here

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Songwriter(s): Calvin Broadus, Dejanee Riley, Terrace Martin, Teddy Riley
Publisher(s): My Own Chit Publishing, Music Of Windswept, My Own Chit Music, Rosemac Publishing

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