Madman Lyrics

Money is a madman, I be thinking of that money when im with the sandman

I be thinking of that money when im with the sandman

I be thinking I got money fitted in my damn hands

Wake up with a lack of money lint up in my damn hands

Liquor in my damn plans

Im a f*ckin bad man drinkin up this liquor all alone until its gone so I don't feel like such a mad man

And I don't feel so bad about the shit I never had man

Living with a lack of money wishing on the sand man

Money is the devil I need money in my damn hands

Can't live without the devil meddeling in my damn plans

Liquor burning me down im turning into a mad man

It's the only thing in this world that I ever had man

I don't wanna die without things that I never had man

I didn't wanna live this deprived now im a madman

And this sickness been progressing, the pressure been pressing

Im a twister in the wind and the tempest tippin in this direction


Money is a madman

Maybe im a sad maybe im a bad

Maybe my better half battles my bad

Im a madman

Lack of money make a nigga attack for money, come up off your stack of money

Out here trynna stack up money go to bed with stacks of honeys

Keep a bitch like back up money just forget my lack of money

Just forget my lack of money, back up on the bad man madame

Feeling better than money up in my damn hands

p*ssy is popping a lot of it up in my damn plans

Liquor bottles allotted swallowed up by the mad man

Bitches that holla hollowed out have I been a bad man

Money, bitches on the brain no other way to take the pain

Im burning up in liquid flames burn down that man that I became
The last time that im willing ot be driven mad for money things we didn't have

No wealth reserved for you and life is corporate servitude I laugh

And I go on and on with my futile cause and they call me mad

f*ck who I lose along the path for this cash so the call me bad

Shed all the bonds I used to have and live my dreams out like im mad

Have everything I ever wanted, no one that I used to have


Money is a madman

Maybe im a sad maybe im a bad

Maybe my better half battles my bad

Im a madman

Now that my manufactured happiness in capitalism

Captured the finest cat that I can catch the passion im sipping

With shades of women that straddle the prism now that im living

I ain't that guy you knew I got it now and now im a villain

Chasing the ass around on kush that make me crash through the ceiling

Chemical rapture keep it coming cuz you know what comes after

Gravity compels me back to hell to dwell with you bastards

And then I know that I can't form attachments, beckon the blaster

Looking at the man in the mirror he doesn't know me now

I pull it out it goes pow, another hero goes down

And now im half a man with money never peace

A mad embattled beast, I found out cash it won't cure sadness

Wheres the sandman let me sleep

Cuz when this money abandons me

Am I back in my sanity

Am I cursed in my vanity

Am I mad am I damned to be waking up mad and wishing I'd be back in my dreams?

I prefer my dreams to real life what the f*ck does that mean?

I think that money is a madman…

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Songwriter(s): Rico Jeezus
Record Label(s): 2015 Mad Rebel Records
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