Do What You Want Lyrics

[Shock G talking]

Welcome to a world where Rhythm is life.
And life is Green.
All you need in this life is Rhythm & Green.
And as a people we was born with Rhythm
now let's get the green, know what I mean?
Comin out the Yay Area we present to you.... Rhythm & Green.

[Verse 1: Rame Royal]

I'm zonin off lime and Hennessy
Jones and I got that remedy
in a ball cap
to camoflauge the identity
my entourage relentlessly
sells ya'll crack
in big or small sacks
to all cats
even enemies get served with a deposit
that's hustla logic
I'm fully drunk
I burn hemp plants
of skunk in my closet
matchin a composite
facin maximum penalties
but to avoid it, I blast 'em an make 'em memory
can't infiltrate my infantry
infamous for takin street
rap to new dimensions we
intiventaly pimpin beats
mack freaks
back to Atlanta and D.C.
niggas bubblin like phantoms
so give us three feet
hatas grin and bear it
while I keep ridin them Stallions
in gold links
wit 5 karat
diamond medallions
roll out the red carpet slow
we lyrically remarkable
representin the Rhythm & Green's half arsenal.

[Chorus x2: Shock G]

We givin it to the people.
People doin what they want [x2]
The Rhythm we give 'em is 100% pure
We give it to 'em
Do What Ya Want. Uh!

[Verse 2: Crown Jul]

Race out the cribo
ride a stretch limo
rollin up the windows
blowin up indo
we serve purp jumbos
but don't stumble
pick up my young hoe
in my one 'doe
I keep a trunk load
cuz I was born in the city at war
like Desert Storm
to give it to you hardcore
and raw like porn
forced to swarm
to cop dope in the purest of forms
buds greener than the forest
and fully matured
cultivatin in the closet of the dope house
throwin weight juss for the profit in the courts to smoke out
my folks is locced out
a fiend wil get his eye poked out
wit the Port
manuverin coast to coast
on home court
now hut 1,2,3,4
What the f**k we hustle for?
Juss to see mo dope
we bustin 4-4's
cuz heavy metal settles vendettas
niggas is rebels
do whatever for chedder
until they bury us wit shovels.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Rame Royal]

Feel free
to feel me
when I bust a Philly
down to fill it wit LG
it's nathin you can tell me
ain't a dream you can sell me
cause real G's do what they please
let's feel the breeze
til the year 2G
my eyes will only see green
but my women come in distored colors
I'm livin better than some
an worse than others
tryin not to get smothered
home grown in the Town my zone
sit on the throne
an place the crown on my dome.

[Verse 4: Crown Jul]

If y'all wonder
I been through it
flow like fluid
and ball under the influence
but uninfluenced
by all the negatives hurt me
and flirtin wit danger
I'd rather live
still workin wit one in the chamber
got this gat that's enormus
rats tryin to pull the curtian on my stellar performance
but protected by a certian umbrella insurance
you couldn't wet this if you wanted to
in the flesh
we Royal right in front of you.

[Chorus x2]

[Shock G talking]

So there you have it
where life is Rhythm
and Rhythm is Green, know what I mean?
You this ain't no joke
(Straight up)
Smoke what ya want
roll what ya want uh!
Drink what ya want
grow what ya want uh!
Push what ya want
crank what ya want uh!
I'm on it
slippin a Humpty on that ass
Rhythm bring the green out ya
(Do what you want)
Feel it
We givin it to them worlds
peep game
you know what I'm sayin
that's juss like us
Rhythm & Green doin they thang puttin it down like that for the year 2000.
Tell 'em bout that shit you know.
We givin it to the people.
All our people.
Rhythm & Green puttin it down the right way.
Do What You Want!
R&G click once again

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Record Label(s): 1998 Swerve Records

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