Fairly Bruh Parents


Fairly Bruh Parents Lyrics (feat. MOL$ & Wonder)

[Intro: Wonder]
Uh, okay
Bih vibes
Yun Head, Obama loves you
Ayy, ayy

[Verse 1: Wonder]
Okay, my bitch look like Icky Vicky
Make Cosmo pull up with the blicky
Poof poof on a bitch if they get to shifting
Dinkleberg is a snake, better stop the hissing
Okay, f*ck, bitch, better make me bust quick
And I will not let them on my shoulders when I run shit
Okay, to meet Mrs. Turner is now my only wish
I hope she take the dick
I need big drip, yes, please, diamond teeth in me
I got Jahcoin stacking up like cheese
Wonder, that's me, pass the coochie
Okay, Honda Civic, take the top off
Mr. Crocker when I cock her, I'm bending that back
If she a stalker, I'ma block her, no following back
I'm a pirate, a marauder, got booty all mapped
I bet ya' aunty take my hot dog

[Verse 2: ReptileLegit]
Bitch, go look at these Benjis
Making so much bank, it's heavy
I be buying Gucci, Fendi
Pull up in a purple Bentley
I hit her with a poop sock
Steal your boyfriend's dread locks
Pull her weave while wearing crocs I do no race, I only walk
I wish for a Lambo, I wish for some pancakes
I wish for my dog and I to have a cool handshake
I wish for some baked salami
Got the strap, so call me "Mommy"
I wish for a futa who can give brain like a zombie
All of you already know, if you don't, then go suck my toes
I'm whippin' bars up in this stove
Your boyfriend's got a tiny chode
He doesn't even bust a load
I run him over on the road
You know we going Sicko Mode
It's RLegit, Wonder and MOL$

[Verse 3: MOL$]
Oddparents, foreign whip
In a mansion with my clique
Make a ransom for your bitch
Call me handsome, we pull up
In a phantom, but my doors
Suicide, butterfly, play it nice
See my ice, can't entice for your life
Nothin' nice, take it twice, no, take your f*ckin' life
Captain Price, gamer time, large fries, chocolate shake
Oddparents, fairly oddparents
Oddparents, fairly oddparents

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