Aangs Revenge!


Aangs Revenge! Lyrics (feat. Lil Force)

*Understanding elders, here they are, and the other Nations will help you become whole
It is the combination of the four elements in one person, that makes the Avatar so powerful

[Verse 1: Lil Force]
Ayy I didn't plan on a hit
But I'm still gonna win
I gon' f*ck it up like it's a regular beat on the mix
And I'm killing the shit
Like wait I
Spin it around and then imma hit that shit
Imma f*ck up a waiter and then I tip that that bitch
Imma kill em all later but imma first get lit
Every second I wait im finna make a hit
Like wait
I gotta lot of f*cking heavy weight on my shoulders
I'm fire breathing and I'm still getting colder
Like avatar bitch I gon' bend her back over
My throat it be itching I don't got corona
But I don't give a f*ck Im powerful just like a rotor
Just watch when I come with a force even though I know my name ain't yoda
Im popping a soda
Like I'm on a f*cking detrimental mission
You tripping
All You mothaf*ckas tryna find a way to get up by fishing
Look at me spit and wait for recognition
Evident Im finna show on the mentions
Imma roll up pull up another one listen
Tryna be distant
Finna make every fan of me glisten
Getting the flow with another rhyme I miss it

[Verse 2: Reptile]
Water on me, like Katara
Hit and dip, like sayonara
Cut these throats with a katana
Livin' lavish, like Madonna
Swear to God I'll swim in Prada
All of you just ain't ready yo
I'll be flexing all the hype, they'll call me Charli D'Amelio
Hey, what
Dripping the sauce like a chef
And the bars are so fast, Imma lose all my breath
If you talk about fire, there's none of it left
Cause I'm spitting so crazy, I got all the elements
All of you rappers step down I'm the genesis
Soaring through rappers they call me a pegasus
We're coming up I know, cause I got evidence
I know I'm Evil, but I'm not no Resident
Ay, I got cheese like a rat eating its cheddar
And I got bars, and I got flows, I mix that shit with a blender
And I'm so hot, I swear to God, I might be raising the temperature
Force and I, we spitting heat, but none of us are Fire Benders
And I'm like, ay

*But it can make you more powerful too, you see
The technique I am about to teach you I learned from studying the Water Benders*

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Songwriter(s): Lil Force, ReptileLegit

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