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The Rep: Unborn Child

Voicemail: New voice message, Tuesday 8:59pm.
Girl on phone: It’s me, uhm I just picked up a pregnancy test, it came out positive. Gimme a call back when you get this message.
Voicemail: Message deleted.
Mommy, I’m only five weeks old, but I can feel my heart.
The doctor says, “I’ll see you in November”, but we’re still in March.
And by the way mommy, what the doctor said is a lie, you don’t have to worry cus my body is devolpin’ just fine.
So please tell daddy that he doesn’t have to cry no more, Jesus finished with my brain, He’s workin’ on my spinal cord.
Besides, not everything is always what it seems. Why you think that when you dream, you wake up, don’t know what it means?
So tell the world to give you space, and just let you breathe. Remember, God loves you so much that he sent you me!
Sometimes you gotta laugh it off, and just let it be. Like when you thought I was a girl and painted my new bedroom pink.
I heard you cry when daddy’s diamond bezzled ring, slid right off your fingers, and went right down that restroom sink.
And you and daddy began to argue for the next two weeks, I don’t know what the problem is anymore, so I guess it’s me.
Dad: This is your fault! I told you, but you just denied it!
Mom: Lemme alone, get out of my face, just be quiet!
Dad: I said, “Birth control” and you’re like “noo, we can do without it” and now?
Mom: and now I’m pregnant, so what do you want me to do about it?!?
Dad: you’re gonna go to the doctors and have him take it out!
Mom: NOO!
Dad: You crazy? We can’t afford the payments that we makin’ now! Oh, this was meant to be!
Mom: what?
Dad: why we been goin’ through it. Don’t you get it? The wedding ring, you was supposed to lose it!
Mommy, just think, all we got is six more months. I can’t wait for you to hold me! Why you think I kick your stomach?
You must be proud; cus the nurse keeps takin’ pictures of me. Please tell daddy that I love it every time he kiss your tummy.
But lately mommy, honestly I been feelin’ funny, ever since you left your job, got fired just for stealin’ money.
And daddy says the cost of parentin’ is really somethin’. So I can’t help but wonder, “Do you even really want me?”
But that’s not all because yesterday I heard you scream, when daddy says he’s leavin’ you, and marriage was a worthless dream.
He was a big meany, he said a lot of hurtful things.
But I still remember the one verse you used to sing, that I’m your sunshine and nothin’ can take the sun away, and that I make you happy, even when the skies are grey.
But if I’m inside of you, then why do I feel miles away? Am I really in your womb, or just swimmin’ in my grave?
Nurse: Victoria?
Mom: Yes?
Nurse: I like your name.
Mom: Thank you.
Nurse: The doctor will see you now, please right this way.
Doctor: I’m Dr. Ross. This will literally take half a second. I got your chart, looks good, I just have some questions. So you’re three months pregnant?
Mom: yeah
Doctor: well, it barely shows, and you left this part blank. Are you married?
Mom: uhh, no.
Doctor: Now, are you sure you wanna do this? Don’t feel pressured.
Mom: uhh, well
Doctor: great, so next week, same time. It was a real pleasure.
Yesterday you were at the doctor’s office, and I was forced to listen. I heard you tell him that you really can’t afford his visits.
You said a lot of things that kinda had me sorta trippin’. Momma, I got a question, what is an abortion clinic? And why do you keep cryin’? What did I do to you?
I think I get it now, you don’t really want me do you? I’ll be good, I promise. Please let me just have a chance.
I’ll clean my room, I swear! You won’t even have to ask!
But wait a minute momma, this should sound kinda silly. You don’t want me, so you’re gonna pay some guy to kill me.
500 dollars, is that all I’m worth to you? What if grandma had this done before she ever gave birth to you? And lemme guess, daddys gonna help you pay for this.
I’m sorry I’m an inconvenience; I’m just a waste of skin. I’ma be with Jesus, He’ll find me a place to live!
I’ll pray for you, you pray too; that He’ll wash away your sins.
Small child talking: I love you, mom. Everything’s gonna be ok, ok. God has a plan for us, I know, because He told me. He loves you mommy, He talks about you all the time. Smile, because Jesus loves you.
You’re my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you. Please, don’t take my sunshine away.

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Record Label(s): 2009 Blood Marked Ent
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