Go To War Lyrics

(Chorus) 2x
I wanna Live for you,
And I wanna die for you,
Go to war for you,
Go to War for you.

Yes I'd go to War for you,
Slice my chest,
Rip my heart out,
Stomp on it on the floor for you,
Knock on every door like the Mormons do,
He's out of His mind, Off the stool,
Close your eyes, Turn off the News,
I don't like think it's safe here to walk to school,
This guys gone nuts, He's lost some screws,
Jesus freak, That's my name,
Pull a gun out let it smack my brain,
Take my food, lose half my weight,
Till the only thing left is a batman cape
And a guy in a suit yelling He can save me,
With a mask and cape he's just crazy,
Just like me, just might be,
My subconscious, I've gone Bonkers,
But there's one thing I know,
That I don't really think I know,
That-Nah lemme just shut up and drink my coke,
Babe grab your purse and grab my coat,
My Sword, My Faith, My shield, My Armor,
Think I won't, I will, I'm onward,
Oops I think I just killed the Martian,
Nope that's not blood just spilled lasagna,
Fight myself, Wish I could take my skin,
Just peel it off me,
Take my sin, Dig a hole that's 6 feet deep,
And build a coffin, Nail it shut,
While I scream out loud,
Like a man who just spilled his coffee,
Over his lap, let's go of the steering wheel,
And slams right into a building office,
Is it just me, does anyone else feel like I feel,
Like you don't care no more,
Jesus Christ is all I got,
Everything else is just Air, It's gone,
The time is now, Yesterday's past,
If you think it's there, you're wrong,
Are you Ready for War, Sing this song.

(Chorus) 2x
I wanna Live for you,
And I wanna die for you,
Go to war for you,
Go to War for you

I was a slave before,
Free so now I'm waging war,
The Devils mad and raging raw,
Cause I want a thing with God,
I wonder why Me and Wifee's been Arguing,
And Juniors having nightmares,
Demons trying to start with Him,
Temptation all around Me,
Hells trying to make me fall into Sin,
But there's lost souls that I know that God has chosen
with talents,
That I know that I must make it to,
Foes are imposing a challenge,
But I'm a eagle in the storm with some Gold in His
Faith in my bosom, Wind of Grace Holding my balance,
I feel weak but the Spirit will quicken my countenance,
Now I'm flying in the same Grace that rose God,
I'm charged up, Shooting out the clouds in a nose dive,
My destinations Home, It's like a desolation zone,
Raging sea Calm down, Satan's hate leave my place,
Find another place to Roam, Peace will overtake my
See me and Wifee fight for Love,
and teach Junior how to plead the blood.

(Chorus) 2x
I wanna Live for you,
And I wanna die for you,
Go to war for you,
Go to War for you

Only if you knew what I was going through,
Then this wouldn't be the ideal life for you,
My baby got a baby on the way,
I haven't even made a dollar all day,
Living off this Wic and Axis,
Trying to promote prosperity to the masses,
I had a Hope Mobile but I crashed it,
I got a love Aircraft and I can't land it,
So I crash into two hearts,
Those hearts the assembly of two parts,
My wife,My son, at the moment I dropped the gun,
God showed me you give it your all or nothing,
So hard to hold on,
My grips the equivalent of four arms,
Oh I gotta stand up and face the mountain,
Leap in no matter how great it sounded,
Put my hands over my eyes, ask the Lord to give me 3D
To see these missions, please just listen,
Life ain't cake, no matter how rough, Christ ain't
Thrust your shuttle off and keep on moving,
Angela on the sidelines keep on rooting,
(I can't make it) Gotta rise up,
It could pivot in minute and the(?blast off shuttle?)

(Chorus) 2x
I wanna Live for you,
And I wanna die for you,
Go to war for you,
Go to War for you

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Record Label(s): 2011 Brandon Kagel
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