I Just Want To Be There Lyrics (ft. Blu & Fred The Godson)

My fam like perfect photography
The way we laugh the poverty
You would have think my pops is a fan of comedy
Honestly, I would be chillin pomposly, spittin polly seats
Poppin shit to a proper piece, pissing on niggas' party seats
Palium, pocket in profits all for the products
My partners pass to me
Polishing promises that I'll pop it if it's lie to me
Slice done watches, prolly my mama's jordans stop it
You street diggers deenin the octo profit
The cream of the planet rockin the cream in grandma's garage
It's a dream we made it out with clean colors
Without the laundry, from lotto tickets to lobster dishes
Life be feeling loft, they gotting me, gotting me like my god
Is when I be gwapping guadalupe
Guacamoli, guatemala and ganja
Still nothing come between king and queen
Kid and his mama, you can spit and wipe your kicks
But don't nothing wipe off the shina
When you see me home with it,
You told me, that's for your mama nigga

Give me the mike, I have no reason to write
I should work in a sperm bank yeah, seemin I'm nice
Big truck, your girl should see me tonight
I'm bustin round with a chess piece now, give me the knife
Niggas on your block see me on tv, they tight
Think it's wrong when I cop cops wanna read me my rights
I spit songs with a strong flow
That old sitcom, I had to blossom with a long nose
All those hopin I foul, you speakin up
Haters, hope you took your viagra, just keep it up
Far as this party, doesn't matter
I'm diabetic and I'm fighting the sugar, I'm all haggler
I just wanna be there, whenever we there
Hope y'all not playin with wii's, nintendo wii there
I just wanna be there, whenever we there
Hope you're not playing with y's, fred the god, yeah

Kiss my mother I love her, I'm barely in new york
Forgive me for the complications in communication
Got a wifey you haven't spoken to in 7 years
Do the several tears to my father
That's buried deep in fears
I'm bout to be a father
Plus I'ma be a husband
Hopefully the crees a deep discussion
Brign belief and hugging
Except the mark for who he is
And how he wants to live
It's all a son needs, he's just seed
You gotta let him be
My mama stuborn, as they coming through the
She kept me out of trouble, through the block's a push
And daddy had to hustle
And posin a state of mind, cause we on new york
Despite the way we talk, what we hunger it's not the side of fork
I pop the cork and raise the glass, you the shit mon
Forgive me for my cursing but I swear you the shit mom
How well I pusstorng as ever
God is great, the finer trace you finally figure 8
Meaning we infinite positive jewel symphony
So trakc the issue, just balance out the sublifmatic
I may consider it insensitive the other needs
What the help I give, I don't expect the size the love for me
With my day 1 niggas the taste is bitter
Who would figure when the judging my loyalty for my twitter
Maybe I'll paint the picture that drives inside me
Could use a licence
That's when it hurt, when I told em I deal
All I got was silence
But those my niggas, if we never do a song again
May the lord keep us blessed, feeling stronger than
Mi disconnection with my family, my strongest flaw
Long as I can call them, and talk it
We can conquer all.

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