Black Wedding Massacre Lyrics (feat. Sicktanick)

[Verse 1:Razakel]
Searching the paper for engagements
I wanna destroy them kill them both dead
Ruin their happiness this ain't no threat
I'll make it a moment i never forget
I'll never regret it i just can't resist
Tough love because love don't exist
I kill what i want and i never quit
Its all about me a complete arts assist
Love makes me sick i wanna vomit nonstop
No stars in my eyes, no butterflies
My tummy's in knots
I got the apacherchy journal open
Which couple we be killing
Her names lezzete his name is Andy
Yep, found our very next victims
Going to crash their wedding
Ruin there moment like a tornado typhoon
Soon to be bride and groom
Little do they know there going to meet their doom
Were coming to your wedding all dressed in black
Going to turn it into a funereal
Were ready to attack

On the way to the wedding
To the wedding
All dressed in black
Dressed in black
Going to break their hearts
Break their hearts
I took your love
Broke your love
Killed it
'till death do you part

[Verse 2:Razakel]
Slip into the church undetected
Right before the ceremony
Found the dressing room
With the sign on the door
That reads groom only
So I open the door slowly look around the room closely
Make my way in learn my surroundings
I'm so ghostly
I notice an ashtray with a pack of camel wides beside it
Take out the last cigarette take out some rice and pour it inside it
What can I say you can't break bad
I'm a deadly women i carry poisons inside my little black bag
Put the cigarette back into the pack then lace his drink reversion it
One two three four five six six six drips quick oh shit
I hear him coming
Into the closet i'll run and hide
He walks in lights up the cigarette then takes a sip of his wine
He stumbles falls to the floor
So now its time hes dying
I'll pull out my knife and party like 69
I came to your wedding all dressed in black
Turned it into a funereal
And no time to turn back


[Verse 3:SicktanicK]
Just got to the service
Wonder is because i know my purpose
Murdering the first to breathe
Because i say that you deserve it
The ring no stopping i'm walking right to the brides room
Nobody's watching as i'm unlocking this fine tomb
This is your coffin no mocking because your dying soon
I hear her walking and talking coming closer to her tomb
The door opens but i'm hidden in a dark corner
She's all alone ain't' nobody around to warn her
Quickly i wrap the wire around her neck
Lift her up off her feet to insure a quick death
As she fades i grab the bouquet and i place it on her heart
As i walk away i say 'till death do us part
Now nobody can hold an objection
Dead women don't fake it
Dead women don't keep you stressing
Went to the wedding all dressed in black
The white dress now stained with death
There ain't' no looking back


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Songwriter(s): SickTanicK, Razakel
Record Label(s): 2012 Andres Shrim
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