I'll Never Forget Lyrics

Gon tell you what life about
I used to f**k with them niggas, theyÂ’ll wipe you out
Repeatedly striking out
They need to get vapors out
Them shitÂ’s a bitch
My daughter thrown but still I know I ainÂ’t shit
IÂ’m used to loadin the clip but recently be reformed
Squeezing ones in my palm, you leave it ‘cus you’ve been warned
ThatÂ’s when itÂ’s gone, I put this shit on my mom
Them niggas talkin shit, then I shoot this bitch on the lawn
Pardon me but I was living in poverty
A part of me got visions of playing Carnegie
But honestly IÂ’m just a crook in the ghetto
I put my foot on the pedal cuz I ainÂ’t lookin to settle
Huh, me and Turn make niggas burn
Just like the firm, niggas will learn, court is adjourned
Slam the gavel, convicted, niggas conflicted
IÂ’m cryptic with this lyrical fitness you witness
You lipstick – that means you softer than butter
IÂ’ll put the hole through yo mother if you ainÂ’t start from the gutter
Huh, yall niggas talkin and stutter
Nervous with no purpose I surface like no other

Yo! IÂ’m in the jects making checks off Mexican connects
Put the darts out the dart board and stab you in the neck
You know me as the little youngin thatÂ’ll spit a lung in yo motherÂ’s face and then bust a nut inside yo baby mother
IÂ’m a Mercedes lover, also IÂ’m a crazy brother
I smother yo baby and throw inside the flaming covers
Wrap em up inside a burrow shit
At least he died in style, man he couldÂ’ve died with penis on his feet
But yall shall honor me, lyrically I am honestly
100 thousand feet, IÂ’m beyond these rappers thatÂ’s on TV
In this economy f**k it, IÂ’d rather some narcotics
I put a product out and watch them fiends go demonic
They turnin zombies of molly, coke and amphetamine
Adrenaline rushes turnin the medicine, itÂ’s devilish
DonÂ’t talk shit if you got a jaw thatÂ’s delicate
SheÂ’s spreading it for everyone while you putting yo head in it
I get on these tracks and I ainÂ’t gotta be competitive
IÂ’m selective, one more IÂ’m messin with, plus IÂ’m the best at this
IÂ’m like the exorcist, makin bitches turn they head like a hour the power of money will make them bow
And allow anything to go down, man IÂ’ll picture in my falous visions
ThatÂ’ll be nightmares inside they daddyÂ’s dreams
I drink liquor like LeBron drink Gatorade
Just give me a razor blade, IÂ’m finna get paid today

I shoot and fade away, Jordan style was born a while
Record the corner, I bought my daughter a doll McDowell
IÂ’m sorta fowl, turn static, important foul
I told you IÂ’m sorta wild, IÂ’ll ever extort a child
IÂ’m physically gifted and lyrically lifitin yo spirits
Can live the way you play this miracle and you say that guy
Really live it, already did it
I bring these lyrics to life, just gotta spit it

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