Dynamic (remix) Lyrics

Just when you thought it was safe. It really wasn't.
Makin' got artists by
the dozen. Go tell your mom and your cousin.

Why my name in your mouth
All of a sudden there's drama what's that scoop all
I'll approach you in the street handle business like ?
starin' ?
My ex G put me on it
G-O-double S-I-P
My Nike swooshy stay crispy in multiple positsy
Ya eatin' your bait while we catchin' crazy fishies
Your style, is weak like a beady
f**kin' with Mega Cypher you gets no peace treaty

Yo it be that D-Y-N-A-M-I-C
I be that MC that see through crews with one eye like a
It's horrible in facct intolarable
Call me Hagar the Horrible
Honorable pardon the bull
You can yank these like Danny Tarabul
One hundred percent natural
Hit, we have cartons full
Makin' Records is the name of the label I claim
Sister we on the rise like a blister

Smooth elements so I evade competition
When in position when Ces speaks everybody listens
Dynamic like that in areas the conscience lurks
You couldn't handle the truth cause yo, that shit hurts
Got you maintain the thought your family comes first
And that's the main goal for this whole entire Earth
Manifest your own fate make moves don't hesitate
You didn't know we was Dynamic poppa ya just late

Now can I get, down (hit me)
Like James Brown
Coco be sparkalin' (ding) and there's no arguin'
I'm a microwave up your cart again (click booyah)
With the gramma
Now enter the Makin' Records manner
And forget the glammar (why)
Cause we takin' another route
I'm a lion (while you're seekin' the dreams of a mouse)
You cowardly we gettin' bloody money off the books
(Please hang up)
We off the hook

We Dynamic
My whole Makin' fam is Dynamic
Sinkin' these other crews like the Titanic [x3]
Just when you thought it was safe
Dynamic Makin' Records all up in your face

I get on your last nerve like a hangnail damage
Don't f**k with us cause my crew aims well
Yo who the f**k you dealin' with?
Slappin' kids that's ignorant
Hittin' you in the head like a twenty sack of good shit
O.B.S. be the crew that I rep it through
Coverin' your atmosphere
Like thick clouds of smog look through a tall sun and
we appear
To be the best goin' down your esophagus
Leavin' you full like breakfast

[Meat Pie:]
Yo would you look at these two niggas out here act like
my Venus
Barkin' at each other tryin' to see who is the meanest
Blacks killin' blacks, oh how f**kin' genius
Y'all need to get off that bullshit at your earliest
I was in jail many others eatin' interventus
And cops are out here lookin' forward to serve
Shit is crazy thick like wet will cook for Vena
And y'all a play like gladiators probably in arenas

[Ocean The Bad Seed:]
Yo how you gonna dis that man that was a motion father?
(Man listen)
Pull up a chair I'm a take you there
First of all any thoughts of you seein' my team is a
pipe dream
Long as the light beams you don't wanna create a fight
It's Seed y'all smoke weed y'all
True indeed y'all
All y'all niggas is hatin' cause your chick is flockin'
me y'all?
I see y'all ice grillin' me in the clubs
With your thugs like you bout it bout it (you really
But you had me thinkin' you was

[What? What?:]
Ha the track smacks Dynamic upon the wax
Consider the facts we never let your neck relax
You need to dead that goin' pro dream
Didn't you learn from Baseball you shouldn't f**k with
the home team
Come on nigga
I know you hear my voice callin' you like alcoholic
Itchin' for my finger to pull on my lyrical trigger and
All up in Makin' where I put my trust
Five seconds after my verse is done the vinyl self-
destructs (BOOM)
Man I thought we told you we win treetop is sober
Makin' Records Pumpkinhead Dynamic and now it's over


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Record Label(s): 2012 Underground HipHop

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