Alkaline 'n' Acid Lyrics

Yeah we finally here y'all
Pumpkinhead, Marco Polo
This is the album right here, "Orange Moon Over
SoulSpazm, c'mon let's go!

This is the beginning of greatness, I broke out the
Take a deep breath, open up your platelets
And take this and make this your own, face it
In case kids try to recreate this in clone
I was spawned of a different breed, a bloodline of
Downloaded into your dreams, in the form of MP3
Been on two labels, one took a break the other folded
They didn't understand what I had was golden
A leader amongst thieves, a warrior amongst men
Since the age of 13, a savant with a pen
Put me in front of a microphone I'll spit out a gem
covered in phlegm, music I make it rough to the end
Brooklyn born and bred, and I got the solution
Drop all your acts, clean up your roster, stop the
Kids watchin illusions on TV, brainwashed
So I wanna divert they attention and try not to lose
Are you with me? Or is this too much rebellion?
Pumpkinhead is what they call me but I've been
nicknamed a hellion
I'm the fallin of the Berlin Wall, the end of apartheid
The feelin of comin home from war and seein your moms
with her arms wide
I should be on the list of your all-time favorites
Luckily I have patience; amazingly
I will wait 'til hell freezes over, you gon' put me on
your playlist
At one time I had the underground in my hands
I let you have it for a sec, now I'm back in demand
No need to say my name, you already know who I am
And I'm rollin through your town like a horse into the
city of Troy
All this fake thug shit, got me really annoyed
You claim you a man, but in reality
Like Tom Hanks in that movie _Big_, you're really a boy
Give this kiddie a toy - to you label distributors that
fronted on my music
Eat a fat one, go sign the bullshit that's diluted
I'm back, like Freddie, with an LP I hope you're ready
for Alkaline 'n' Acid, the combination's deadly

Yeah, what I told you man
Hehe, this album is crazy
Yo matter of fact I'ma stop, I'ma stop rhymin
I'ma let my son spit

[Pumpkinhead's son babbles for 13 seconds]

And that's better than half y'all niggaz that's puttin
records out right now
We serious right now, that's rainin right there
SoulSpazm, "Orange Moon Over Brooklyn," c'mon

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