Le's Get Krunk Lyrics

Artist: Profound Intent
Song Title: Let’s Get Krunk
Album: Still Profound
Label: South Capitol Recordings/ SONY

Yeah, uh uhm, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Let’s Get Krunk yeah, let’s get down / we gon act a fool ‘til the, club shut down

[Verse-Rap 1] Shanice
It’s Saturday night and I’m lookin’ cute, I’m riding with my girls in that Lexus cope Looking for a little trouble to get into, looking for a hot club so I can get krunk too (Oh, oh) I ain’t got time for haters they on my bottom list, so if they start talkin’ shit They gon’ catch a fist, (yeah, yeah) I came to the club to find someone I can grind with Not someone-a posted up (posted up) in the back with his clique (his clique) My main mission is to get into the V-I-P; we all-stars, now still there is no need for I-D 10 guys surround me and they say let’s dance, I’m like nah, but you can ask one of my friends, Cuz I’m eyein’ someone else and “ooh he’s fine” (he’s fine) but he playin’ hard to get Tryna work my mind (work my mind) but I ain’t a fool for that stuff cuz he already mine, We getting’ krunk up in the club for one last time (last time)

[Hook] LaPret (Ace, Mizz Redz, Rakiem)
So what’s good ma, now what’s hood ma, getting throwed in the club, I know you would ma Now where ya from (north side), Now where ya from (south side) Now where ya from (east side), Now where ya from (west side) So you gone ma, on this song ma, gettin’ krunk in the club, I knew you would ma Now what cha doin (gettin’ krunk), now what cha doin (gettin’ krunk) Now what cha doin (gettin’ krunk), now what cha doin (gettin’ krunk)

[Verse-Rap 2] Ace
Yo, Yo, C-L-U-B-B-I-N, H2O we par-tee-in no I-D needed to get in got other folks in a line job waitin’ Yes, still fresh to def in the V-I-P, I let them haters hate while I par-tee, New jeans, white-T and my chain icy lookin’ fresh to def reppin’ D.C. Make them boys get krunk and them girls get wild, Now I don’t dance that’s just my style, my crew can rock the mic cuz we know how, and like the “Shop Boyz” get carried in the crowd, Yeah, we get krunk that’s all I’m sayin, me “L-P”, “Redz”, “Nee-Cee”, “Rakiem” and (who) We can do the thang, all night and day, and when I say it’s time to go they say “ace stop playin’”

[Repeat Hook]

[Verse-Rap 3] Mizz Redz
I walk in the club with my stunna shades on, all eyez on me cuz they playin my song Stilettos, pumps I’m rockin’ them strong, lip gloss, outfit the list goes on If I walk past yo man, damn right he goanna flirt, if he holla at ya girl please don’t kurk; I hope ya got some money cuz I’mma make him work…

[Verse-Rap 4] Rakiem
Yeah, Yeah let’s get krunk (yep) tear the club up all the players throw they dubs up And what (yeah) and I’m still fresh to def and the girl say she like my swagger So I take her to the brand new Jagger (yep) the “XLS”, yes now she sayin I’m the best
And I never had a test, (yep) yes and I didn’t even try my best (whoo) Now I’m back and in the V-I-P room so fresh

[Repeat Chant twice]

Copyright ©2007 South Capitol Recordings. All Rights Reserved.

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