Don't Turn Your Back On Me Lyrics

Don’t Turn Your Back On Me
Written By: Larry “LaPret” Pretlow II [ASCAP]
Performed By: Profound Intent / Published By: LaPret World ENT
Album: Street Profanity: Expressions of Innocence

[Intro] Mizz Redz
Believe in yo self, believe in yo self, believe yo self, P.I.

[Verse 1] Al-Baby
I’m going through some things in my life I’m separating the wrong from the right I’m learning to be independent as I become a person of my word I got big goals and big dreams yeah, I got some lyrics and a melody hey, now all I need is for me to believe in me and I can be anything

[Hook] Al-Baby {w/ Mizz Redz}
I’m looking in the mirror studying the curves of my face realize that I can be anything I say to myself now don’t cha, don’t cha, {don’t cha turn your back on me}
I see potential of the things that I can be and I realize that it starts within me and I say now unto myself now self {don’t turn your back on me}

[Verse 2] Al-Baby
Despite all of my tribulations I gotta find time for relaxation as I think about just what it is I wanna do with my life yeah, No matter what I decide to do I must promise myself that I’ll follow it through 'cause if I like my friends just let me down, tell me who can I run to, who can I count on now

[Repeat Hook] w/ Al-Baby ad-libs

[LaPret Rap]
Now life ain’t worth living if you ain’t gon make it worth living even if you going through some things you can make it happen it doesn’t matter if you 24 or 47 whoever said that your age was a speed limit ain’t no stop signs yo you can be anything just put yo mind to it and you will succeed wit it come on you can do it 'cause we believe in you and most of all you believe in you ain’t the right (true) Now the only person who could eva let you down is you and that’s only if you don’t wake up and follow yoself through and yo it doesn’t matter if your friends cheer you on yo it ain’t gon last if it ain’t in yo heart

[Bridge] Al-Baby (LaPret)
It doesn’t matter what you’ve done it doesn’t matter who you are,
Anything is possible when you look beyond (look beyond yo flaws)

[Repeat Hook twice] w/ Al-Baby ad-libs

[Break] Mizz Redz
Yo, you gotta believe in you just don’t depend on someone else, put just as much faith and confidence in yo self, that way when times get tough at least you know you got yoself

[End-Bridge] Al-Baby
I’m looking in the mirror every day & I see what I can be self don’t turn your back on me

© 2007 LaPret. All Rights Reserved.

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