To The People I Needed, Thank You For Leaving Lyrics (feat. DaniLeigh)

[Verse 1: DaniLeigh]
Love can make you cold
Learn to love the pain that makes you grow
Feels like in my soul
It hit different when I'm sittin' here alone all by myself
I still be hopin' that your lyrics are for me, not no one else
To tell the truth I still got love for you but need to love myself (Myself)
Say you put me through, you think I hate you but I don't I care
I still be hopin' that you happy
All that front left you in the backseat, without me, yeah
You can't mention me, don't at me (Don't)
You was wrong but I ain't angry, mm-mmm

[Verse 2: Phora]
Sorry that it took so long had to find the right words for the right song
Had to go away for a while, I was workin' on mysеlf, tryna right wrongs
Dealin' with these dеmons in my head but an angel kept tellin' me to stay strong, yeah
Now I'm back home, in the studio, with the gang workin' all night long, yeah
So how can I fail?
Seven figure checks, come straight to the mail
They would always say I'd be dead or in jail
No label, no deal, I ain't takin' no L's
In the Hills but I'm thinking 'bout the A
City where I come from, they don't really play
So the Glocks stay tucked, streets ain't safe
Devil want my soul so I gotta pray, yeah I gotta pray
Been hurt, been left, been stepped on
Killed the game, eight years, still slept on
Been jumped, been shot, been stabbed
So the Escalade bulletproof, nigga all teflon
In the hills doin' drugs with a model chick
I know my lifestyle wrong, I ain't proud of it
Lost touch with my faith, I was in a dark place this year
But I'm blessed to be out of it
Trips to Greece, trips to Turks and Caic'
Galleria shoppin' in the H
Roses in a kitchen table vase
Just to see a smile on mama's face
Lost my auntie back in February
Drown myself in vodka cranberry
Crazy last thing I ever told her, was "Auntie, I just wanna be legendary"
It's a lot on my mind, I don't say much
Lost a lot this year, know it's been tough
It's no trust, it's no love and I'm still numb
And I feel like my day ones switched up
Back then I had to wait in the front
Now I walk straight to the back of the club
People scream my name, DJ showin' love
Make me think back to the times I was
I lost my bro a block from where I stay
I was down, they left without a trace
Billboards in the cities that I lay
Now they look up and they see my face
Almost lost my life a couple times
They gon' have to work it double time
Hospitals rehabilitation, thinking back, man those were troubled times
I'm lost and I'm still hurt
Had a hard time findin' my self worth
Still struggle with addictions and even though I'm distant
I think I'm learnin' how to put myself first
'Cause I could've OD from the nosebleed
It's cocaine in my blood, why I don't sleep
Mix all kinda pills with the codeine
I was runnin' from it all, know it don't seem
Like that on Instagram but my life ain't perfect
I just hope you see beneath the surface, uh
Put my pain and my life in these verses
Really I'm just hopin' that it's worth it
Look, 'fore I'm back for the people again
McLaren outside, got the keys to the Benz
Poppin' champagne on another rooftop
With a blunt screamin', "f*ck the police and the pigs"
I ain't had shit to believe in
They saw me dyin' and they left me here bleedin'
Pleadin' to God for the answers, the problems I'm facin'
'Cause most of this shit is deceivin', but
I'm happy I'm here and I'm breathin'
Life taught me all lessons come with a meanin'
Everything happens to you for a reason
To the people I needed, thank you for leavin'

[Outro: DaniLeigh]
Love can make you cold (Cold)
Learn to love the pain that makes you grow (That makes you grow)
Feels like in my soul
What ain't meant for you gotta let it go
Gotta let it go, yeah (Gotta let it go)
Tryna hit your phone, yeah
Callin' it goes nowhere, nowhere, no
Oh, oh, ooh, ooh

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Songwriter(s): Phora
Record Label(s): 2020 Phora LLC
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