A Song For Her Lyrics

[Hook 2x]
What is love, love?
Is it you and I, sharing lips under the scenery of the bluish sky?
If I told you I loved you would it be true to lie?
I'll let you decide, I'll let you decide

[Verse 1:]
I'd spend the rest of my days with you, there ain't no other way I'd choose to use my time
If it's ok with you let's leave the booze behind
And maybe get a snow cone or somethin'
Girl you got my heart beating in slow-mo or somethin'
No rush, let's let fate take its course
I mean, we can move fast but I can wait of course
And you kiss me when I'm sick
You say you don't want me to leave cuz you feel lonely and you miss me when I split
I wanna tell the world how much I love you
I wanna show everyone that I'm softer than a pillow when I hug you
My friends make fun, they say that touchy shit is dumb
But I don't care cuz it's the truth, that's how I feel when I'm amongst you
I've got a good spirit and good intentions
But your friends disagreeing they say you shouldn't listen
To the things I have to say, but your choice is ultimately up to you
I just hope you think of me throughout the day

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 2]
I'd spend the rest of my days with you, there ain't no other way I'd choose to use my time
Even if I'm not with you I'm keeping you in mind
I can't say that we never fight
But it's nothing that we can't fix whenever you spend the night
You know what I'm talkin' about baby, I can't keep you a secret
I wanna scream until the people believe it
That it's possible to find love, and even though we ain't perfect
I give you my best cuz you deserve it (deserve it)
I get the tingles every time you call me baby
Touch my hands and kiss me on the neck, girl you amaze me
I ain't got no shame in showing off my lady
Cuz I don't want nobody else, and my friends say I'm crazy
But I never pay attention to the negative comments, cuz I've got a girl who's (jella[?]) than honest
And when I say I love you, I mean that shit sincerely
Girl I love you dearly and that sentence is a genuine promise
When I need someone to talk to you're the first person I think of
Always there whenever I need ya
So I gotta thank you for everything that you do for me
Taking care of me while I'm sick and ditching your school for me
And the love that you show me is something new to me
I hope that you just don't get too used to me
Hate it when you pop my pimples, but I think it's kinda cute
Just wanna make you happy, tell me what I gotta do
You watchin' TV as I write this but right now I'm watchin' you
And I really hope you like this cuz I wrote this song for you
What is love, love?

[Hook 2x]


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Record Label(s): 2012 Phora
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