Smile Lyrics

Awww!, Hell yea,
Niggaz be trippin' shid.

I'm always trynna smile, trynna keep it real,
but you don't know the half of it don't know the deal.
Cuz deep down inside I'm lonely as f**k,
as I walk through my neighborhood smokin' a blunt.
I see homies on the corner when I pass,(whud up)
and it's sad to think that the hood wont last.
Allthough life is hard in the ghetto zone,
you don't never have to feel like you're all alone.
Cuz ya know I'm still down and watchin' ya back,
3 kids from 3 dudes, I wont give ya no flack.
Cuz I wanna see you shine, like the day you were born,
when ya moma looked to Heaven said thank you lord.
Cuz ya gave me this child and I'ma always take care,
of her wants and her needs, and I'ma always be there.
But then we all grew up and everybody roamed,
but we never did go very far from home.
Then ya started havin' babies, one by one,
and then I went and tried to love ya, and now ya my hun.
And I know ya got thoes kids, I got room for 3,
cuz I wanna see ya smile, see ya smile for me.

(Smile for me)
Smile for me girl
(Would ya just smile for me)
I wanna see ya smile for me girl,
(Smile for me)
Smile for me hay.
(Would ya just smile for me)
"Go ahead break it down Lil' Paulie"

Evreyday I wake up wit' a smile on my face,(that's right)
everyday somebody f**ks wit' me and I put 'em in their place.(oow)
Everytime I walk the block people ask where I'm headin',(hey where ya headin')
but this time I'm comin' back to get your daughter's neden.(oh)
I try to keep smilin', I try to keep cool,
I try to be nice but people act like a fool.
Everydays the same, the same shit again,
gettin' paid makin' Phatwax, and gettin' skins.
Stevie, he gots my back,
and if somebody f**ks wit' me, we hit 'em wit' the black strap.(pow)
We got our gats and our backwards caps,
Davie "Ds" got his hoes and he makes his snaps.(straight up)
He brings a bitch in straight up like a mack,(a mack)
and the very next day the hoe gets a smack.(pttt!)
Sometimes I feel sorry for people that we hurt,
but f**k 'EM, people get what they deserve.(hey)

(Smile for me)
Smile for me
(Would ya just smile for me)

I got wants and needs and dreams of my own,
that's why I don't hesitate to smack ya dome.(ptch)
I got dreams and desires, and that's for true,(word up)
so I don't need this shit from your phoney ass crew.
Cuz back in the day, you was down you was 'bout it,
but now all ya do is come around and try and doubt it.
But I'ma spit my lines and I'ma spit 'em hard,
and I'ma smile one day but not in county yard.(now way)
Cuz I ain't goin' down like a punk, not a chump,(straight)
cuz I can hear my voice comin' out ya trunk.
And ya ridin' it hard and ya bumpin' my goods,(boomp)
wit' ya whack ass freaks and ya ghetto hoods.
Half my homies crippled, the other half dead,
that's why I got these thoughts runnin' through my head.
(thoughts in my head)
For you girl anything, the longest mile.
I wanna get you out the hood and see ya smile.(of a clown)

Awww, Hell yea
Hell yea girl

(Smile for me)
Smile for me girl
(Would ya just smile for me)
I wanna see ya smile for me,
(Smile for me)
Smile for me girl.
(Would ya just smile for me)
Go ahead and smile we gettin' out the hood.
(Smile for me)
We gettin' up--we gettin' up
(Would ya just smile for me)
(Smile for me)
Go ahead and smile for me girl.
(Would ya just smile for me)
We gettin' out the hood baby girl

Aww Hell yea
Ya look so pretty when ya smile girl
I wanna see ya smile forever baby girl
Pack your shit girl
It's time to get up on out the hood
We gettin up

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