Bites The Dust Lyrics

This one goes out to all the juggaloz,
Hoes be trippin', Ya know whud I'm sayin'

Once upon a time yea, a long time ago,
I was chillin' in the hood with a bottle of Faygo.
Me and the boys, just kickin' a beat,
on the corner of Jefferson and St. Charles Street.
When I seen this girl I could never forget,
she had eyes like glass all sticky and wet,
and a smile so nice it really shined,
she wore a mini skirt wit' a fat behine.
So I told my boys yea, Craig and Lou,
watch the boy in action wont ya see what I do.
So I stepped to this girl and said Dees the name,
so once ya gimmie dem digits, we can start this game.
This girl did everything that I did'nt expect,
she gave me money, gold, and the beeper off her chest.
For 40 days I thought she was so fly,
then she took a sharp knife and stabbed me in the eye.
I was so suprised, I said what the f**k,
called us all punk pussies, and she tried to buck.
So I grabbed my nine and wiped off the rust,
and the bitch goes down another bites the dust hey

Bitches be trippin' -- Ya know what I'm sayin'
f**k 'em

Now a year had passed and I'm workin' this job,
some toilet scrub, for some fat ass slob.
When I met this girl she was workin' too,
she said gimmie a date and I'll be so true.
She said don't ya see you were made for me,
so I'ma go get ready, pick me up at three.
I said wait just a minute, you don't know my name,
she said it really don't matter men are all the same.
So I kick back home yea to wash it up,
yea to flake the fish and to feed the pup.
It was 2:45 time to move my feet,
and at 2:59 I was rollin' down her street.
She jumped right in, in the front of my Benz,
and I could see right there where this night would end.
Only two hours pass and I'm dickin' her down,
then we hit four parties all over town.
Only two weeks pass and I could'nt believe,
she looked me dead in the face and she tried to decieve.
So I said start walkin' and that's a must,
and the bitch goes down another bites the dust,hey

I told ya them bitches be trippin'---Shid

Now seven years pass and I think of her,
was deception in her eye or in her word.
But I wouldn't believe that I made a mistake,
cuz I'm happy now smokin' cronic flakes.
Yea I hang wit' my boys yea right in the hood,
and I pimp four bitches, and I pimp 'em good.
I got mad homeboys and they all around,
and we thump to the bass you can feel the sound.
So late one day right out the blue,
this girl walks up says I'm in love with you.
So I said to myself, I should give it a try.
And in only two weeks she started to cry.
Yea I was wit' another, No I ain't gonna front,
so hows it gonna be tell me what you want.
She said I'm out this bitch I'ma leave today,
then I asked her not to go, yea I begged her to stay.
I could'nt believe that I was in love,
or was this revenge from the God above.
Then she pulled out my shotgun and held it to my nuts,
and the boy goes down, another bites the dust, hey.

"Yea all them bitches be trippin' ya know whud I'm sayin'
but you juggalos, you don't let that bring ya down
Ya kno', stay away from them hoes, ya know whud I'm sayin'
They just playin' games, Ya know, Hold out for the right one,
cuz ya know the right girl, a real girl gonna come around eventually,
you don't let them hoes get you down.
You hook up with the right girl, you'll be right back on top.
Spendin' loot, goin' to the movies,
goin' to the beach, just chillin' wit' ya girl,
makin' them babies, laughin', havin' a good time.
ya know whud I'm sayin'-- shid,
I ain't playin' wit' them hoes no mo'
Yo Lil' Paul, gimmie a light dog, I bust this cronic.
Ho run up on me shid, I be like shting,
I ain't messin' wit' them hoes no mo'
I'ma wait for the right girl to come along,
ya kno' whud I'm sayin'--shid,
Juggalos, peace out

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