I'm Def Y'all Lyrics

Yea--I'm Trenchmouth,
And I'm finna tell ya about a little story,
about two ruff muthaf**kaz from the hood.
Check it out.

I'm Trenchmouth, and I'm stuck, just like a dead f**k,
I'm takin' homeboys out, if they trynna buck.
I smoke a puffum, straight poor, my raps you adore,
my bass is louder then the mouth on your whore.
If ya thinkin' I'm white, ya know ya thinkin' allright,
I'll take my mic out my bag, so I can do it all night.
So don't back down and ask for ya homies help,
cuz he'll be a chump if he believes in himself.
I'm the only white boy that can rock ya bones,
I'm tearin' straight from the streets of the ghetto zone.
An El Dorados my ride, I'ma do this live,
I'ma rock the f**kin' crowd, and that ain't no jive.

Cuz I'm Def y'all----I'm def y'all,
cuz I'm def y'all---Word!

Well I dropped out of school, yea f**k a math,
now bitches all want my autograph.
So we take it to the club yea, wit' phat dub,
we drink cold beer and smoke green bud.
We kick raps out and it's all for free,
cuz I don't give a f**k, it ain't shit to me.
We roll down the strip, wit' the sounds of bass,
we hang wit' party groupies, titties in our facs.
Cuz we don't give a f**k about nothin' at all,
two bitches gettin' down in the back of my car.
Cuz we def muthaf**kaz now can't ya see,
and right here is where bitches are wantin' to be.

Cuz I'm Def y'all----We're def y'all,
cuz we're def y'all---Word!

Paulie is my homie and he's out on bail,
the muthaf**ka choked a bitch and went to jail.
But it's good to see my best loc walkin' out,
we blew a phat joint and caught cotton mouth.
So we drink another 40 and gin and juice,
his only livin' hero is Violent Joe Bruce.
And he gots my respect, yea he got phat props.
He's chewin' jelly reds, I got lemon drops.
When him and me are rollin' down the street,
I'm bustin' on the rhymes, while he's bumpin' to the beat.
Then we meet a couple ladies yea they look fine,
so we take 'em back home now it's party time.

Cuz we're Def y'all----cuz We're def y'all,
We're def y'all---Word!

Dope dealins like a hobby cuz we do it all the time,
you'll get yours and I'll get mine.
But it's all good cuz I'm down wit' a crew,
a couple of thugs known as Craig and Lou.
We got some shit to make ya f**kin' nose bleed,
a couple strips of cid and some phat ass weed.
I got one in the chamber, eight in the clip,
but I wont wayste it on ya I'll just split ya lip.
Or I'll hand you to Davie, and you wont enjoy,
I'll let him play with you with his razor toy.
Cuz we def muthaf**kaz don't f**k wit' me,
we roll wit' the cronic now let it be.

Cuz we're Def y'all----We're def y'all,
Cuz we're def y'all---Word!
Ha ha ha ha ha!

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