Romance Is Dead Lyrics

The incisions in your wrist were all for show
Just like you
The epitome of self-indulgence
Another farce, a charade
And another set of crocodile tears
So serenade her with your last pathetic suicide love song
'Broken hearts never mend'
But fools never move on
And now she's gone because of you
And once again, you're the epitome of pure self destruction
Cupid never found his mark
As we await the insertion of blades on flesh
You part the skin and tell of blades on blood
So part the f**king skin
So part the f**king skin
To tell of blades on blood
To tell of blades on blood (of blades on blood)
She said I love you
She said, she said goodbye
So cry me a f**king river, bitch
You wouldn't know love if it crushed your f**king chest
Let go
You wouldn't know love if it crushed your f**king chest
Razors, roses and a black tomorrow
You wouldn't know love if it crushed your f**king chest
Razors, roses and a black tomorrow
They never showed any affection to anything but your ego
A tragedy of errors at the best of times
You are everything that's wrong with me
You are everything that I despise
You are everything I dreamed would die
You are everything that fades away and slowly dies
Will you bleed for me when suicide seems so yesterday?
(Will you) Will you bleed for me?
Will you f**king bleed for me when suicide....
It's so yesterday
It's all so f**king yesterday

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Record Label(s): 2006 Epitaph

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Meaning to "Romance Is Dead" song lyrics (22 meanings)
Grimm 08/23/12,18:31

Love this song, however the meaning is really saying that people who hurt or kill themselves over the loss of love is a coward because there are plenty other people who are willing to love them.
Nick 02/19/12,13:53

This song isn't about cutting yourself. It's about how idiots break up, then they go and cut and sing sad songs and try to get her back with misery and indulgence. Shows how pathetic they truly are.
Paul 12/10/11,03:35

People keep misinterpreting this song as an emo song. It's actually the opposite. They're exposing how stupid those attention getting weaklings are.
Lachlan 11/07/12,19:01

The song is actually about Winston, and when he says 'You are everything that I despise' he is actually talking about himself.
Nikii 06/25/12,06:30

they explained in an interview that the song was about how they hate bands that make suicide & cutting seem cool, preying on the weak it has nothing to do with a break up. Look it up & get informed.
nick 05/07/12,22:34

alexander.... what the song is about has everything to do with it? Go listen to some lil wayne or some other bs rapper if you don't listen for a meaning in a song
Chris 05/04/12,12:20

People listen this music for their own reason, nasty break up, bad family life etc...buts its all about hoe u interupt it and how it makes u feel. I know it picks me up
Pryte 01/27/12,18:18

The songs about people who are genuinly upset, cut themselves for attention, and sing bout how when no one cares, they get more upset. They talk about surfacing blood, but just scratch the surface.
Martyr 09/26/11,01:27

I love how this song says that people who cut are doing it in vain.It tears them apart. If you cut your either A) have a serious medical condition or B) a little bi-tch whos to weak to get over it
Andy 05/29/11,04:35

@harry wtf is wrong with you deep blue is a seminal album and is the most technichally and lyrically progressive album from pwd so far
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