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Oliver Francis


Saitama Lyrics

Is that what you've spent all those years honing your skills for?
Yo, ayy
Check, check, check, yo
Tell me how it feel, tell me how it feel
Tell me how it feel, tell me how it feel, yeah
Check, check, uh, yeah, yo
Check me out, yuh
Check me out, woah
Yeah, uh
[Verse 1]
I got the blade on my back when I step into the booth
Empty packs of the backwoods all over the room
The outcome is a blood bath, me vs. you
Y'all can't even hold a candle to my Kenjutsu
Yo, the fog settles ovеr cherry blossom petals
I walk this road alone knowing I can nеver settle
But I revel in the solitude, homie, what you tryna do?
Always know my opposition' latitude and longitude
I'm grippin' my weapon
Only thing that you the master of's the art of deception
But you cower at my battle cry, no rapper left alive
That Kaze no Kizu hit you by surprise
Uh, asparagus with salmon
I'm liable to hit you with that special beam cannon
I park the Phantom beside the castle like I'm Ganon
I invaded the game like a Dark Souls phantom, bitch

Yeah, yo
Yeah, check, check
Check me out, yuh
Check me out, woah
I cut 'em down, what, yeah
I cut 'em down, yeah
Uh, ayy, woah, bitch
Check me out, yuh
Check me out, yuh
[Verse 2]
I cut 'em down then I sheathe the katana
Prolly smellin' like [?] with some good marijuana
I'm the Loch Ness monster, feelin' like Saitama
Smack yo' ass up today, you might not wake up tomorrow
It be the sex and Hennessey that made me act like this
Roll one quick, know I keep a real bitch spliff lit
I'm rockin' Retros and some SB Dunk Lows
24 inches on the Forgi's and the grill chrome
Check it, I take the mic and I wreck it
Bunch of dickhead rappers and the girth unimpressive
Yeah, I'm ruthless, relentless
Cut you like I'm Kenshin
Way I run the game, take your favorite rapper and bench 'em
Rappers doin' features, to me that look like a playdate
R.I.P to Dilla and R.I.P to New Wave Base
I'm playin' Playstation on a stay-ca'
And I won't stop until I meet Wiz and smokin' [?], bitch

Tell me how it feel, boy
Yeah, yeah
Ooh, yo
How foolish! I underestimated these guys
Power level 1330? I can't block that!
Alright then Green Man, let's see what you've got
It's all yours
Special beam cannon!

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Songwriter(s): Oliver Francis
Record Label(s): 2022 Oliver Francis
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