SpaceX Lyrics

Yeah, lil bitch I done told you once
But I guess that wasn't enough
I don't do this for no money
Bitch I do this for the love
All the ladies starin' at me
Cause they know I'm lookin' pretty
Ridin' through the city
Rollin' up the sticky
Find me in my zone
Off the globe like its SpaceX
Watch the way I flow
Bitch I'm dope
Then the bass hits
I'm bout to fly through the sky in that Falcon 9
I burn the Backwoods supernova every time
Too clean
Yeah perfect symmetry
Roll the weed
ATV's through the sleet
f*ck with me
Oliver the boy they tryna beat
Talking beats
Lil boy that's gon' cost a hefty fee
I put that whip in autopilot
Diamonds ultraviolet
I pull up in a UFO
You see me comin'
Hide your bitch
Boy I'm livin' somethin' science fiction
I beat the beat to instrumental
Need an intermission
Lil shawty set me up
I burn the clutch up while I'm shiftin'
I told 'em I don't do no features but they will not listen
You know that I was smokin' dope
And they was callin' me a burnout
Now I do a show and everybody finna turn out
Pull up smokin' with my bitch in that foreign whip
I been in the stu' in the zone workin' on a mix, uh yeah
I'm self fulfillin' the prophecy
They say Oli a prodigy
I can't say that it bother me, nah
Swagger Super Mario Odyssey, yah
Throwin' cash like I just won the lottery, yah
So keep on talkin' all of that shit
Cause you the last thing on my mind when I'm all in your bitch
Yeah, 'bout to land a rocket ship on Fairfax
Bout to take off in a SpaceX Airmags
Movie life every night, call it Miramax
Diamonds on my wrist that's what she starin' at
She tryna f*ck with me she like the way that I do it
Got my hands all on her hips and we gon' move to the music
I been steady smokin' dope and drinkin' Hen til I'm stupid
I just focus on the music cause the fame is confusin'
Talkin' private planes, labelings, begging me to sign my name
Sippin Alizé
Shake it up and we gon' let it spray
In the 2 door
Salmon sushi roll interior
With the underglow
Shit look like 2 Fast 2 Furious
I'm just havin' fun
Why you takin' me so serious?
Skrt off in the chariot
My bitch she an Aquarius, ay
Rollin up backwoods in the back of the bus
Yeah the money all cool but the love is enough, yeah
Yeah, the love is enough, yeah, yeah
The love is enough, yeah, yeah
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah

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Songwriter(s): Oliver Francis
Record Label(s): 2018 Oliver Francis
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