No Seat Belt
Off Topic


No Seat Belt Lyrics

[Off Topic:]
This is the epilogue to "Mark Of The Beast"
Track 13
Now that it's digested
Lay me down to sleep
I woke up rested
Took a deep breath and blew the sickness out of my chest
Healed myself
And stack the deck before I get dealt
Live off the government
Strapped in tight for mental health
Freed up my schedule when I put the pedal to the metal
Cruised the mall like Elwood Blues
With no seat belt
Fueled by the fear of insecurity
Narcissism reigns supreme in our society
Get money
Evolve slowly one-by-one
Sweet equilibrium is reached
When release what we achieve
Oh, the irony
Struggle at every level
To control the forces
That cause us to conform
And divorce our psychosis
So who's ready?
We don't want to die
And if we do, we want to live on in other peoples' minds
Frozen in time
Trying run a circle on a timeline
And when you reach the top your definition is redefined
So keep trying
Til I engineer a pig to fly
And we can all saddle up and ride
Touch the sky
I'm just a regular guy who's tapped in to something else
Like you, alive
In the fight to preserve myself
Even if I gotta kill everybody else
In a death-cult suicide
I survive

[Off Topic:]
If I face duality in my reality
I foresee a long list of casualties
At my feet
Got the power of persuasion
In the strength of my speech
Download the bandwagon
And I'll take you down with me
Grammatical, mathematical, tight precision
If my calculations prove correct
I'm in prison
And the faster they try to run from me
I keep with them
Nobody's out of my reach
I will get them
And I'm more powerful dead
Immortal symbolism
They're not equipped to handle my shit
They're off rhythm
And the bad vibes resonate deep into the system
When they finally catch on nobody's even going to miss them
Now, how many names do you know from a thousand years ago
That didn't lead a million people to war?
Or, stumble onto something so deep
They were killed for their beliefs?
I'm doing both, so may I rest in peace
And at my funeral play back the "Prodigal" beat
With freestyles courtesy of Rhyme Network emcees
Kavorkian, Klutch, Rummage, V, Phase, and Greek
Let Snake Money eulogize me on Technics

[Off Topic:]
Focus and discipline
Make us more than men
Perfect specimens
Homo sapiens
Always unlearning
They find me concerning
So my records are burning
So many heads are turning
Trying to decode my sermon
But it's on you
Who murdered JFK?
Look at the burning Pentagon pictures
Where was the plane?
Iraq and Vietnam war, one and the same
While the South was left to drown in a series of hurricanes
I spell doom
They're getting sloppy and cocky
I can smell the change coming
Like I sense the man that shot me
And they can't stop me
It's already too late
I got a plan stronger than fear
Stronger than hate
Get at them on a level they can't contemplate
In the fifth dimension
With my general Phase Fate
My troops sing a requiem mass at day break
To announce the next age as we pass through the gates

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