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Aware Lyrics

I shoot my fix in with a metronome needle and now it's kicked in
It's not an addiction, I got a legitimate prescription
Only time I touch the ground is when I slip and fall down
Which isn't often
So if you see me walking help me up
'Cause those broadband subscribers get pissed at low bandwidth wires
My ocean's full of pirates
Abusing my kindness
All I want's a good life with no regrets but God damn it
I'm bored and there's nothing ever new on this planet
And my psychic killed herself
She never saw it coming
Is there music in my head or is it this guitar I'm strumming?
Like an actual factual dictionary ritual
This fictional fantasy's falling faster than Mach3 cuts vocals chords with no shaving cream
Everything I've said makes no sense
Until you change the tense
Future first person past participle existence
I always wondered why these wires wound round me
I'm the Internet mainframe brain stem
And I know shit about your family
I'm here to make a donation to the Salvation Army
Here's my cares and my worries
It was all I had on me
And take the shirt off my back
The brand name was branding me like a branding iron
Was given a brand new attitude but took it back
Exchanged it for a multitude of antidotes for heart attacks
Now my irregular beats are off my chest and on my tracks
Everything we've ever done communicated over phone jacks
And wire taps dance into your home so watch your back

Why don't you get back in line?
Hey junior
What's up with those crazy rhymes?

I shoot my fix in with a metronome needle and now it's kicked in
It's not an addiction, I only do it when I start twitching
Add "ashes" to the vocab
When I extinguish four-inch cigarette in your mouth and
Scorch the deepest wind flap
Give me the dynamite
I'm going down in the dark
To light a spark and blow this f*cking cave of secrets apart
Part-time deep thought spelunker
Weekend warriors fight battles to see who gets drunker
Perennial class-flunker probably got shitty parents
Cure bruised egos with Honorable Mention ice packs
And wooden plaques giving merit to otherwise meaningless stats
No wonder all these kids wanna rap
I sell them beats and they pay in cash
How clutch is that?
Give myself a paper cut in an uncomfortable location
To distract me from all of these damn frustrations
In the end I'll have scars that represent my patience
Decomposing my photo album of memories and faces
Travel the new consciousness at the speed of magnetics
Electric tourniquets stop bleeding encryption syndicates from believing in it
I'm nobody's protégé
Brick oven clay dried out in my favorite position
Painted and put on display
How many billion cells in the human body, how many humans?
How many brain stems suffer from internal toxic pollutants?
Creating cloudy forecasts and follow up on these delusions
I'll see you when it all hits you in your confusion

Why don't you get back in line?
Hey junior
What's up with those crazy rhymes?

In the distant future, a billion years from now
Humanity will be one large entity with a consciousness and a purpose
Not a random collection of individuals
This consciousness is already evolving
Everything man has ever learned is stored in one place that we all can access
You are the first to become aware
Who will join you?

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