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Desensitized Lyrics

Yo, remember when our biggest fear was Y2K?
'Cause we were ignorant, blind, and we liked it that way
Overseas conflicts share air time on 60 Minutes
With corporate sponsorships and celebrity who-did-it?
Y'all better flip on the BBC
If you wanna see some reality on TV
Real survivors make hip-hop music with no money
And there's nothing really real about The Real World, trust me
See, our government subsidizes corn and cattle
Makes corn syrup cheap so you know what cows eat
That's why fruits and vegetables cost big bucks and candy's cheap
That's why our teeth rot and kids are obese
Smoke pot and go to jail but feel free to die of heart disease
Bad for you but it's good for the economy
My name is Off Top, producer slash emcee
I'm not anti-government, just anti-lobotomy

I see too much man, I'm desensitized
These eyes roll back in my head 'cause blank stares are the norm
(All I wanna do is write, record, and perform)

Baby's girl's breakdown
She's only nineteen
She's a sophomore in college with a freshman's perspective of what it all means
She makes mountains out of molehills
And the moles are living high on the hog like kings
She knows her daddy wanted a boy
But he'd settle for a beauty queen
She fits neither category
Accepts presents and jewelry as payment for negligence
Invests her emotion in the junk bonds of bling
I want a girl with no gag reflex
Who's allergic to latex and addicted to sex
Nah, I'm kiddin' man
I really need sweet angel
Who's strong enough to pick me up when I fail
But I doubt I'm gonna find one, walking through Hell
Where everybody that you meet wears a mask or a veil
And now she sees it for herself in high-def 3D
Y'all get the picture crystal-clear but you still can't see
She's crying, bleeding, dying, and pleading
With God for an answer she already got from him
All these possessions and clothing don't mean so much all of the sudden
And she can't cope with it
Drowning in the madness pointed out by her therapist She didn't know she had until she skipped her first appointment
And double-dosed her medicine
Which led to triple vision of a foreshadowing
Of a tragic early ending

I see too much man, I'm desensitized
These eyes roll back in my head 'cause blank stares are the norm
(All I wanna do is write, record, and perform)

I had my memory erased on purpose
See I no longer remember my birthday
So I only get older one day at a time
And when people ask me "What's your sign?"
I say "Stop"
And end the conversation and answer the question simultaneously
Gone are the day when my horoscope tells me how to behave
Hence my name
Which is amazingly unimportant
Unless you miss the number that's been assigned to it
And that's some Matthew 24:43 shit for you Bible heads
Who like prophecy but fail to see the signs that you're supposed to see
I see phone polls and off ramps with heart-shaped wreaths
I see the human population growing exponentially
I see the highest point in Gloucester County is a trash heap
I see the same motherf*ckers who never learn trying to teach
It's been said by too many emcees that there's too many emcees
I've seen the scene man, and I disagree
When you try to crush dreams you put the game in a drought
Plus the larger the crowd is, the more I stand out
Uncle Tom, Major Tom
Tomahawk missile bombs
Dying fast, lasting long
It's another Vietnam
Lock and load those machine guns, we're gonna need 'em all
I'll admit, I'm confused
Never should have watched the news
Now my views are skewed towards the rubber bias of the crew
And every song I write for you is subject to review
By a paid-off puppet on a string of a label that I'm not on
How you gonna sign me then re-write my songs?

I see too much man, I'm desensitized
These eyes roll back in my head 'cause blank stares are the norm
(All I wanna do is write, record, and perform)

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