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Ayo, yo, mic swordz, shepard sounds, yo check it, ayo

[Verse 1]
You try to call shots and get a dial tone
I'll crush your collarbone with a microphone for rapping monotone
Beat you with the sticks to a Xylophone what I write alone a
Slice your dome
You've compromised your mind from what you like in songs
Knock you out your designer clothes, the lightning bolt
Zeus to a Trojan Soldier, Thor to a Norse Viking Warrior
Bring the message from Wessex right to ya backyard
The...flows Odin to those who inhabit Asgard
Traded weapons with Leonardo still Casey Jones with the mask on
With these blades I'm more like Jason Voorhees to enemies
About to go on a tear that non-contact knee injury
You... about to be a audio amputee, where lyrically
You don't have a leg to stand on and I'm a centipede
The centerpiece to this puzzle of dope I'm like the Genevese
It's a fine line between us, if you enter the genius
You'll see that I'm colder than Simon Phoenix for cryogenic reasons
A Brainiac with a cranium full of uranium
Collapse a stadium when I brain storm get trapped in a atrium...

[Hook] x3
No sleep, pulling all-nighters
Call me MacGuyver
Droppin' bombs in your cipher like Stryker

[Verse 2]
With a wave of the hand you'll buy my shit
Don't be surprised my rhymes are comprised of Jedi mind tricks
The cerebral assassin get telepathic
As Jean Gray and Charles Xavier playing madden
I'm at it again the catalyst of ill flows pathogen strategist
My delivery's Anthrax in a envelope
The verbal Ronin a wanted man dawn the Number 2 headband
In a game that's full of the Empty Seven Clan
And empty seven cans of whoop ass on any man
Planning to challenge get blown up like The Challenger by the Galic Gun
That's all I'm saying when it gets complicated
It's back to basics back to the Hyperbolic for training
I mean, Similar to Goku when my vocals in Pro Tools
No jewels you couldn't walk in my socks if i had no shoes
Noveliss, humble and focused a little deranged
I swallowed a hand grenade my mic check might be an explosion like...

[Hook] x4
No sleep, pulling all-nighters
Call me MacGuyver
Droppin' bombs in your cipher like Stryker

[Verse 3]
Still at it, illmatic its half time
Kick the fat rhymes at your favorite rapper until he flat lines
Lyrically in great shape 1st place in a decathlon
Tell Zordon I need the Mastadon to crush your dad and mom, The Black Ranger holding the axe to blast flavor
In your ear, Craig mack, bring the real back
You jockin my style while I run wild
As a Jaguar with a human mask on the animal in disguise
Mortal Kombat in the jungle meet your demise
When actually my animality is a Dra-gon they call me Shenron
When I get on the Mic like a Bulls Jersey you not worthy
When I ball in these goggles like James Worthy..

[Hook] x4
No sleep, pulling all-nighters
Call me MacGuyver
Droppin' bombs in your cipher like Stryker

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Songwriter(s): Jarred Douglas
Record Label(s): 2016 Noveliss LLC
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