We All Bleed Lyrics

[Chorus x 2]

We all eat, we all shit, we all breathe
We all f*ck, we all love, we all need
We all pray, we all hope, we all dream
We all live, we all die, we all bleed

[Verse 1: Sabac]

I write twelve bars and incite the minds of twelve gods
Hell’s hard, we live in it, existence is our differences
Non Phixion is like ministers, walk the earth until it finishes
? jails and free prisoners ?
We gotta fight for justice, I does it on some freedom by the thug shit
You love it, know your enemies, pull your gat and bust it
Trust it, I’m tight-minded, sight the blinded
Reminded of times when we was young, toy guns was fun
Things done changed, the game’s real life
Mothers cry, “My baby died last night!” Living dusted, glass pipes
Poverty bothers me, it’s hard to be peaceful
When they got you trapped and won’t release you till there’s true equality
I rhyme disturbed and angry only to offer opportunity
Regardless of conditions I’ve got love for my community
Break immunity, drug sales, overpopulated jails
If you care then I’ll express how it feels

[Chorus x 2]

[Verse 2: Ill Bill]

Hey yo I plan to a billionaire, God forgive me for my evil
To doing really f*cked up things to good people
I rob the rich man, try to make the world equal
To buy my moms a crib, dawg, I’m down to hurt people
The dirt we do, guaranteed that I’m going to Hell
Going to war, going to jail, going to die
Bust a slug in the air, drown in my own blood, sweat, and tears
Spirit wishing I busted first but I failed
f*ck that, I’m a survivalist liable to fire full clips
In a matter of seconds, automatic weapons
Splattering atoms in every direction, we wild out
Savages go against the righteous
It’s like the AIDS virus, kill you and there ain’t no cure
It’s like putting out an album but there ain’t no tour
It’s like fiending for some p*ssy but there ain’t no whore
It’s like you hungry for food but there ain’t no more
It’s like you f*cking with me is like going to war
Throw you off the top of a building, you going to fall
It’s like walking through the mall just holding my balls
Everything is everything and the same go for all of y’all

[Chorus x 2]

[Verse 3: Goretex]

I ride the path of enlightenment, blast with the hands I fight with
? welfare, fatigues, knives, and ice picks
I know my crib’s bugged, equipped with pipe bombs and drugs planted
My guns jamming, how the f*ck you sing about love?
Until my son’s standing grown man I’ll show you it’s bugged
We build pyramids, Aztecs, militant thugs
Perform my ritual official you can tell by the drugs
? diss you cause you can tell by the slugs
I’m like ? new recruits
? millionaire recluse, computer faggots typing their truth
My ? spits rounds, it’s like the moshpits
Pitsol lasers like we all lifers, trife like pork with nightsticks
But I got something better, empty a clip in your blue sweater
Who’s better? Demonstrators aim at the door
Assassinated by the third joint, I capture you all
Your shit is manufactured, it couldn’t finish the war

[Chorus x 2]

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