Knowbody Knows Lyrics

Nobody knows where they might end up
Nobody knows (nobody knows man)
Nobody knows where they might end up
(Lemme talk to em)

Yo, okay now I got a secret knows
Deep in the dark but I know that it shows
Got to get high just to beat the lows
Move slow got woes and the pressure grows, uh
Born to a broken home
I mean a broken house cause the trust is out
Moms got tears and I lived in fear
Never even had the same address for a year
Uh, and now my stash is tapped
Panic attacks I need a permanent nap
Searching for a turn in the map
Burning now I'm lookin for a person to snap on
Send a Muthaf*ckin nurse to black on
Straight verse and I curse to clap on
If I didn't have this track to rap on
I would have to put the damn platforms back on
They try to tell me that I'm living in a shattered place (okay)
But then I tell them that I never saw with different space (okay)
It seems we roaming down the street with no end
And I just like to pretend
That my shrink ain't my best friend
I've been drowning in my sorrows full of bottles but I'm hollow
Blackening bravado and I borrow on tomorrow
Ain't no trace of where we at
So its time to face the facts
I say hello worlds I'm...
I'll get back to you on that

(nobody knows where they might end up)
You never know what another soul is going through man
(nobody knows)
They say that we're all just human but don't accept our own humanity
(nobody knows where they might end up)
Consumed in vanity and social constructs, we're quick to judge insanity (nobody knows)
Never know what was truly real, or right or wrong
(nobody knows where they might end up)
Were still willing to build walls that increase the divide(nobody knows)
(nobody knows where they might end up)
So its time to say, that it's okay to not be okay
No crazy no normal no sane, just a condition that we all share
The you in me and the me in you

Look inside the mirror and I know what I see
Another enemy staring back at me
Say she don't want me to win
And she don't want me to be
She been talking to me since a ni**a was three (f*ck you)
Life full a mess and a bag full of stress
Confess that I might not pass this test press
And I never had the guts to cut but I ain't givin a f*ck imma self-destruct
Have you ever been in battle
War with yourself you were shaking on a rattle
Bang bang but you need more ammo
Take another swing call it boxing shadows
No key to coping no trusting in my emotions
Can't focus much less expose them since I got that diagnosis
Now I'm living on these doses, slippin under noses
And I tend to get explosive with the ones that I am closest
I couldn't believe it, wanna suck on a barrel and squeeze it
Wanna take all the pain and relieve it, gotta search for my soul and retrieve it
Thought everybody was hatin on me
But its pain to see my biggest hater is me
And I never really knew my wealth cuz
I guess its all about self-love
And I may never make it back
So I say hello world I'm
I'll get back to you on that

Maybe one day we'll acknowledge the god in one another
Where hearts can bend and minds can mend
And there's nothing to be ashamed of
Because the stigma hurts more than the sickness
And no one deserves a spoiled identity
That's why we have to go without fear
Without these assumptions and taints of perspectives
And remember that one day
They will paint civilization by how it helped the hurting
Nobody knows

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Record Label(s): 2014 Nitty Scott
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