Going Snooki Lyrics

N to the I, N-O, my flow pyro
My rivals, I'm a make you eat ya words to ya choke, and die slow
I GO, hard like I'm training for the title, PSYCHO on the mic but a f**king
I am solar powered, you could ONLY stay on for so long a light bulb
Got a slight glow, I see it, clear as ya tight clothes
Word of advice though, don't let the hype Go, to you know where, cause you can
Loose that fast, lypo
I roll with a biscuit that rifle, here's the difference between YOU and I ho
You bring a blade to gun fight, I showcase my gun at a knife show
Leaving haters stifled, I'm a lighter sprayed with lysol
Wanna battle raise the price, start saving now and switch to Geico
Hot damn, I'm such a phenomenon, a poster child like dunking it on LeBron
Shit gets tragic, sick as magic, even though I always f**k with a condom on
Who's sane when I'm losing mind, Hussein with a lose aim, dropping a bomb
Boom bang and it's not for Islam, singing along, thru the fire, like Chaka Khan
I'm not like a pawn, reach for what's mine, I chop off ya arm
Hassan chop you, then stomp on ya mind, oh what you thinking, ah never mind
Problem is fine
You stopping my shine, stop with you lying, ya shots never flying
You got a lil iron, but this is the noise that it made when you popped it, a lot like a
Game time, got my grind on, I shit on everything I rhyme on
You a top 5 rapper, right next to Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, and Dylan
Wrote that before Ness vs Iron, I'm a Lexus stretched you a scion
Bless is a breath of some fresh air, haters she'd tears chant but you singing to
Deaf ears
N to I, NO, my flow, s, pyro
My rivals, I'm make eat ya words to choke and die slow
I go, off with, Michael's prowess
Anyone Jordan, Jackson, f**k that machete and I'm slashing
Everyday to me is Halloween so I'm playing Michael Meyers, (boo)
Dude we ain't cool, homie I will chew ya food you could try but I won't lose, I
Follow my own rules (whoo), HATER
I'm getting better by the moment, they noticed, so I'm hot
Ain't nobody flowing this cold, so hold my spot
Performing in a zone, while my foes just hope I flop, hi, you haters
Never I'm alone, I roam with my loaded Glock
Every girl I bone, can't ever let go of the cock
I am like the chosen, the golden, hope now watch
Now Nino's gone be the greatest

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