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Break The Rules
Nametag Alexander
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Break The Rules Lyrics

Time to go for somethin' epic through the unexpected steppin' outside of the box, is quite a necessary method/many artists might agree, but it ain't many who'll address it when it comes to makin' a record, lot of us tend to just neglect it/and forget that, we can use our words as a weapon, here's a message I'm gon' put these muthaf**kas under pressure/I tap the pressure button, it's evident I'm gon make it hected for these artists that these a & rs tend to be impressive, nah-/this be that aggression that they ain't f'n with/I'm better than whateva they consider was they best at this/I'm X'n 'em, totally crossed out like where is Kris/like a dog f**kin' anotha dog yea I'm in this b**ch/must I mention I'm a menace on the mission, get the job finished like it was a pension in the endin'/back as who I started out as in the beginnin' breakin' rules makin and breakin' records as if it's Guinness bring it


Yea, I say you-got it confused
This is music where the rules are to break the rules go
Bounce wit' it (bring it), Bounce wit' it (go)
Bounce wit' it (bring it), Bounce wit' it (go)
(repeat 2x)

[2nd verse]

Back as if I neva left, spread the word and tell the rest/music's how I handle stress, sort of like smoke inhaled in chest/what's yo' vice? drugs, sex, maybe alcohol obsessed?/I don't go for nothin' less, otha than tryin' to be the f**kin' best/at tryin' to be a f**kin' beast, blame that on my momma Veronica who's deceased, rest in power may she be at peace/I figured I take a leap to the top, shootin' for the stars limit is the sky, levels that's within my reach/here to give the people what they seekin' when I'm speakin' throughout an ep release I take 'em to church when I'm preachin'/all I'm needin' is a choir, I began at the bottom all I can do is get higher a reason to get inspired/in this industry, bein' innovative is required, just the fact I'm bein' me is a reason to be admired/like DMC, I ain't ceasin' 'til I retire we gon' ride it out until we ain't even seein' the tires

[hook] (repeat 2x)

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Record Label(s): 2014 Lead And Be Legendary
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