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Resource Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Steady on, p*ssy
You pushing up in my bubble
Now, you asking me for trouble
I flip it until it's double
I don't cross paths with anybody
Nah, I keep myself straight
Self-made, hours and hours
I made myself great
f*ck what they tell you
The piggies up in the tower
We're great and we can devour
I'm taking over the power
Have to break through
You are yourself, they cannot change you
Same routes
Same resources as long as

We're on Earth
Yeah, we're on Earth
Yeah, we're on Earth
Yeah, we're on Earth
Yeah, we're on Earth
Yeah, we're on Earth
Yeah, we're on Earth
Yeah, we're on Earth
[Verse 2]
Mitigate love and hate, I been awake
I don't give a f*ck about a bitch or a snake
f*ck anybody who tryna debate
If I been here before then I'm ready to take
Nothing belongs to you until you make it
I'm on a mission, my vision is naked
Spitting a written just so I can state it
Muppy has risen, he finished the making
See me glisten, see me shine
See me winning it
I be writing scriptures all the time
On my villain shit
Kick it through the back
It's not attack if it's my own path
Hoping for a stack or something flat
So we can own that
Now, we're on Earth chilling
They be taking pictures, I be hanging from the ceiling
Got a cold heart until my blood starts spilling
Serenade my corpse and turn the force into a thrilling

Aye, now, we're on Earth chilling, yeah, yeah (Aye, aye, yeah, aye, aye)
Now, we're on Earth chilling, yeah, yeah (Aye, aye, aye, aye, f*ck)
Now, we're on Earth chilling (Yeah, yeah, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye)
[Verse 3]
You're not a friend of me, yeah
We'll never be enemies
I cannot see you getting close
Why they guess the most?
Someone get the ghost
Planting the effigy
Never inequity
Heavily sensory
I pick 'em out
I've been placed where I'm meant to be
I've been on top and I've been at the bottom
I'm pushing so hard that I'm losing my memory

Muffled screaming

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Songwriter(s): Muppy

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