Response Diss Lyrics

Latto let her know
Now these folks talking bout they
Talking about they getting money
But ain't getting money (Dummy)
Talking bout they booking shows
But ain't booking shows (Dummy)

You wasn't talking about nothing
When I touched down in Houston
Cause you know better huh (Stupid)

First thing first
When you grew some balls?
Stop playing you couldn't even pick up the phone
When I called
What I did in Houston
I dare you to pull that in the south
15 with 15 bodies
My flow nasty like her drawls

Lil thot thot
How both of yo parents in the crack pot?
Pipe down
Cause we both know yee ain't what you rap about
You a joke
Tell yo mama come work at my store
Shoulda never quit her job
Just to bring a L home
I'm too old
My lil sister 14 and she on go
I swear to god when we see you
Either one of us gon wipe yo nose

I did a show in yo city and I left untouched
I'm the princess in the A and the H
Now what's up?
You ain't gon buck huh?
And let's not get on yo daddy
That man really gay
Cause yo mama a tranny
I already peeped huh
Why her voice so deep?
Ima beat this girl to sleep
Have her counting white sheep

Ohh she talkin' hard
That lisp got her trippin huh
Ima put some money on her head like she strippin

I know yo daddy wrote it
Just tell me what he sniffin (crackhead)
Ima put a dent in her head
Like she peter griffin
Yeah she got me bent
Talkin' bout she that rich (girl you's a lie)
Girl they use yo rap game check
To pay the rent

Don't flex
You text my phone
Talkin bout "Girl let's be friend's"
Really feel bad for the H
This who yall let represent
By the way you really soft
You cried in the rap game house everyday (Lil crybaby)
And no I didn't sign
I keep everything I make
Tell the truth
Let's just be honest
They shoulda let you win that chain
Cause I know you tired of asking
Johnny Dane to borrow bling
This big ole facts
I'm finna call the facts
I would beat you up
But yo mama already does that

She want beef it's a plate
Call me ugly? Issa hate
And my heart might pump kool-aid
Cause sweet girls like you get ate
You get booked
When promoters can't afford me
Ran this girl up out her city
Like I did extortion
Stomp her out and put her on a shoe like Jordan
I just killed this baby
Like she did her abortion

Ohh no you didn't
Yeah y'all know who I be
Folks get hard on twitter
But can't pick up the phone
Really run my city fa real
The real princess dat way
You really look up to me though
Tell the truth yeah
I can be yo mama lil girl
Stop playing with me
I ain't even finna call my daddy on yo daddy
And I run the A
All the way to the H
(And yo mama can get it too)
And I run the A
All the way to the H
(ya lil sister, ya lil brother)
Put a cape on it
I bet they be SUPA mad

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Songwriter(s): Mulatto

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