As The Globe Turns Lyrics

[Chorus: x2]
As the globe turns...
Millionaires get rich and let their dough burn (dough burn)
Homeless can't afford to watch a stove burn (stove burn)
Children can go to school they still don't learn
People act like they got no germs as the globe turns

[Verse 1:]
I was brought into this world with my legs, my head, my dick, my arms
And an umbillical cord that connected me to my moms
Conceived as an Aries, dome slightly hairy
Vision slightly blurry, face bright red like a cherry
Doctors with surgical masks smackin me on my ass
Stashed in a nursery behind a wall of glass
Already missin the sound of mommy's heart bumpin
Make me wanna jump out this crib and start somethin
To replace the low tone, I heard for so long
Heard it again in the car when we started to go home
Comin from the speakers in the back, (what?), and made my clock stop
The notes jumped out and danced on my head under my soft spot
As I grew I learned this was called music
I tried to make music on my grandfather's acoustic guitar
A little star who still believed in Santa
Pluckin the strings randomly thinkin I'm Santana
With bad grammar and a Pacman score that's high
Learned my first rhyme when I was like four or five
Wrote my first rhyme at 11 and it sucked
But I was still bustin flows before I learned to bust nuts - what the f**k

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
As the globe turns, all life is doin is fading
But you're still growin when you're just a little kid playin
My first crush I remember was in the fourth grade and
The first president I remember is Ronald Reagan
But fast forward to 91' where me and my friends be
I started rippin' at talent shows and school assemblies
Fingers trembling, stage-fright for 'bout a minute
But once I got in it, all you saw was clappin and grinnin
What happened I did it? Then I looked at one of my classmates
A little girl depressed cause it was her last day
A wise chick who was believed to be a psychic
Who could read your mind just by touching both of your eyelids
She walked up and just stared at me for a minute
Scarin me a minute til I finally said "what is it? "
And what happened next I remember it so clear
What she said to me with a smile on her face from ear to ear
She said "You're supernatural, you have super abilities
That you won't discover til you're older, " I said "You're kidding me"
"No, " then my face started to glow, "I gotta go... by the way, good show"

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
I used to have a teacher that kept his classroom cold as Alaska
Cause he said it kept his students awake and workin faster
So when I write a rap I take a pen out of the pack
Wear my thinkin cap and put 70 on the thermostat
Hopin my words'll attract people in all states
So when I'm gone my name will live on like the greats
Beethoven, Shakespeare, Edgar Allen, Bach
Biggie Smalls, Big Pun, Big L and Tupac
Watch, I even freestyled in my bed
When I'm dreamin and then I wake up and write what I just said
In my fantasy, and make fantasy reality
And even when I'm battling I hold it down like gravity
So casually I plan to follow the yellow brick road
Or the path in my dreams to see what the future holds
Sometimes I dream of monsters like Starship Troopers
Could this be a reflection of a past life or the future?
Or could it be demons comin in my dreams to discourage me
And go to war with me like Freddy Krueger, and murder me?
Never. I got protection in these hard times
I could've died when I flipped my Blazer four times
But I stood up, without a scratch on me like "what happened? "
No sign of blood gashes, either God loves rappers
Or his script to the book of life is taking control
And I'm playing a large role, as the globe turns

[Vocals sample:]
Every man and every woman is a star
Way up in the sky
And if we can repel each other
I tell you, our souls will never die

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Record Label(s): 2006 LA Underground
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