Hammered Lyrics

[Verse 1: Substantial]
Bring your crew if you're feeling them killing them with
This past super lyrical, spiritual shit
That bashes your physical to little bits
It's that simple you'll want a miracle quick
No one ask you to spit but you're yapping your lips
So I have to just smack you and that's what you get
So don't get me started. I get retarded
Only when shopping are you hitting Targets
I won't stop till maggots feel your carcass
With little or no effort I'm I'll regardless
Get bombarded with this hard shit
Only equal to a blow from God's fist
Oh my God it's so obnoxious
How I paint pain with words like an artist
Probably at home right now eating garbage
While my team's dining on greens and cod fish
Doing squat lifts getting brawlic
Giving pounds so hard that they tear cartilage
Some may think what I'm talking's a gimmick
Till they're cursed with a permanent limp wrist
That goes perfect with your purse and lipstick
Don't get murdered for perping on pimp shit
You deserve to get hurt with a thin shiv
And deserted while birds leave your skin ripped!

[Hook: x2]
Silly rappers think they really matter
In a trance so they can't hear the laughter
Get your mans bet them bamas get fractured
'Cause none of ya'll really want to get hammered and battered

[Verse 2: SOS]
Get braced for school. You too basic to come face my crew
Battle ya like Gallagher actin like your face is fruit
Movin to your ankles. True. This is my way of thanking you
For preparing me to make me wanna try shanking you
With a little bit of language juice, as I spit on your damaged shoes
Turnin this room into a tanning booth
Leaving everybody that we feel is unworthy cracked in two
That's what me and Substantial do to bad examples of
Hip Hop... Arms, legs, and heads, they all
Get chopped... Fingers and toes thrown in
Ziplocks as they drip drop...
Caning rappers like a Pimp shop...
With single whores in Singapore so forget props
Muthaf**ka you'll be lucky if you ever get shot
To put you out your Misery like Paul did Annie I'm your daddy
Call for Mammy 'cause my next target's your family

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Sub and SOS]
(Sub) Start weeping and balling the reaper is calling
These weaklings for speaking I'll beat them and maul them
(SOS) Crack your teeth and smash jaws and give ya momma breathing problems
When I call and tell her you're asleep 6 feet deep in her garden
(Sub) That's right stupid's now fertilizing her tulips
And lawn for trying 2 get it on when the kid was sweeter than cinnamon
(SOS) toast... crunching functions plus attacking joints
Won't... see 9-1-1 coming cause that's the point!
(Sub)Battering Men, Shattering limbs because we're badder than them
(SOS) Brain, splattering them, damaging them all with hammers and pins
(Sub) Die! You worthless serpent with no purpose
(SOS) Sorry weak amateur flirting with hospital curtains
(Sub) I'll put your once rowdy ass in a full body cast
(SOS) Hit your little punanny ass like a tsunami blast
(Sub) You shits call it quits like retired divorcees
(SOS) Pissing on you kids, this is how it is now cause you forced me

[Hook x2]

Substantial, SOS, Cunninlynguists... QN5

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Record Label(s): 2008 QN5 Music the LAunderground

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