Puff Harder Lyrics

I'm from the Lost Boyz!
Yeah you know me know

Know when to roll them
Know when to smoke them
Know when to put down see po-li

Now what's that I smell, It ain't our town
I think stinkin ass Mary wanna smoke wit us, she got a Dutch?
Spill her blood guts, skillin up
I quick a line green, sticky to the touch
Got me pickin pennies up for good luck
You supersticious? No a little too permiser
But a hair plant chase it with ucalyptus
Now you hit this, I'm spittin like I'm bout to pitch
I look down, my spit mad white like Dick Van Dyke
FDA want us to fire pill
Man I'd rather buy a phil and start the fire drill
Jokers got jokes, I bet Mister Broke-off
Had a toe off, the choke boss, everybody do they thing
Some people get high and it's exceptable
Other people get high and rob First Federal
You better leave that stuff alone young breed
You look at me ain't nuthin poppin but the seed in my tweed

[Chorus x2:]
Puff harder, Puff harder
Puff harder, puff harder

[Mr. Cheeks]
On the late night creeps, me and my teams we love the streets
Got the bottle of that green from our peeps
We on the New York scenery, that took four hours to
get to that greenery
You know what that mean to me
Grab the back from the back, startin freestyle to a track
I got my trees and some congac
Me and my team, jigg to death, jewelry shine
We hot bottom line, it's LB Fam for the 99
And beyond, don't get upset cuz we on
We heard enough of that garbage, nigga now we gone
We don't want four fifth, carry shine dub
Kickin it with Smitty, smoked out sized lined up
What's the verdict? I know you know the situation
Still holdin, me and my team we still rollin
Fruities in the smash, and us niggas gettin cash
Comin off full blast, nigga where the grass at?

[Chorus x2]

[Hook x2:]
You got chocolate, I got hydro
Mix it with that sticky green and better get my eyes low

Cypher movin come on, three paws and pass
You gettin happy with my trees like I got tons of grass
Roll up, stop frontin and burn some of that chocolate
Mix with that sticky green with that and squak it
Tell me how you like it, from here it smells good
If it ain't to your pleasure, I got 'dro and backwards
Another drink, bartender to hennecy hit the spot
You ain't got to love the fam, just watch how we rock
I puff pot and keep my head low from the cops
I walk from any hood it's straight John Blaze ya block
I'm J-Drama baby, I stay blowin the ganja baby
Me and the marley smoke mad bags of marijuana baby
JnJ and LB, in the year 2G
Optimose and backwoods, but my dutches burn with ease
Fella please, you ain't ready to puff
I got you O.D.'ing and puffin up your lungs and stuff, what

[Chorus x2]

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