I.t.i.m. (impossible Things Inspire Me) Lyrics

i told her that the sky was the limit
wanna good life so i told her to live it
yea i hit it but then ya boy quit it
you said you own the game but yea i kill it
my year my moment my time
weak niggas find it hard not to use the same rhyme
ya girl kinda out there somethin bout Mary
my wallet went green yea im talkin Jim Kerry
I locked ya girl down im not talkin bout defense
the kinda money you want
i spend
yes i ball
i wanna get it in ya girl call
i guess you can call me a machine i took the Vcard of a girl
named charline
yea im cold im talkin freezer chill
give ya girl some boots and tell her to climb this hill
scratch i hit the lotto
i live a simple life witout two white girls
please turn ya face or she might hurl
she look at me suck her thumb and make her hair twirl...
somedays i would pink it out like killa kam, a ballet dancer
maybe breast cancer....
i jus got done hittin that
time to buckle up
im a quarterback in this game
yea huddle up get wit it or get loss no GPS Maurice Derrick Rush- nothin less
if i wasnt Mo-Rush i wouldnt talk a certain way
if i wasnt alive i wouldnt be here today
yes i spit it wit a close mouth show my chest ...
then bring the hoes out..
dick riders get off my team
shall i bench ya like Ivo the game is mines
ya know i get a girl put her down like she havin a bad day
put in work
then stand her up like i was suppose to take her on a date
im thee shit
and your game is boo-boo
flashback rewind your old news
im superman high
and airplane fly lots of cash mo-swag yes i am that guy
black mask
black duffle bag
im stealin the game
run away wit it but just not for the fame
show up like im ready to take a test
show out under the bright lights unlike the rest
my dude whats the deal like Howie Mandle
i delievey like a postman heres ya mail
Lilo like the song Download it Stich
it take jus a couple cents to download your bitch..
Akeela and the bee wheres my honey
bankrobber or a bum where's my money
homecoming king, i got my crown
now its easier to make ya girl bend down
you couldnt see me wit a telescope
a dark night break in would make it hard to cope
i stay dedicated to my job like SB to a crabby pattie
this game is my food im addicted yea like a fattie
NEVERSHALL I FORGET WHERE I CAME FROM Mo-Rush mo-rizzle maurices ha yea

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